Good Morning startups à #Vivatech avec ALD Automotive

We from ALD Automotive France are delighted to be here. Why? Because it allows us to meet a multitude of startups and big groups, who also think about the mobility of tomorrow. That’s what we do, we work in the new mobility sector, we provide product solutions to our customers. So we like to know a bit about the trends in this area, which help us to build as well the products and services of tomorrow. In addition to it, we have this great opportunity to present on the Societe Generale booth to visitors, two important products for us. The first is a platform that allows to the visitor to be able to configure by himself the car rental details from the beginning to the end, in a totally digital journey, he can manage his rental contract, he can sign his rental contract and he can finally get his car delivered, without making a phone call, without coming by himself, but in a totally digital way. And the second opportunity we offer to our visitors is to be able to dive them at the heart of tomorrow’s mobility, since we offer an innovative virtual reality experience, where they will have the opportunity to be immersed in the future of mobility.