Gold Plating Kit – Automotive Gold Plating Machine – 24k Real Gold

Successful gold plating requires much
more than is provided in an ordinary plating kit. The Gold Star is an
integrated system, designed to produce commercial grade gold plating on
virtually any chrome item. Using the Gold Star, gold plating a chrome automotive
emblem is fast, easy, and efficient. Most chrome plated automotive emblems and
trim components are made of plastic and then plated with nickel followed by
chrome. Virtually all chrome plated items have mirror bright nickel under the chrome. Using the Gold Star, the chrome can be professionally replaced with
hardened 24 karat gold. After meeting personal safety
requirements and setting up the rinse water drain apron, there are three simple
steps required to properly gold plate a chrome item. Notice that each handle is
color coordinated and preset for its function, to eliminate any possible
confusion. The first step is removing the existing chrome. The second step is
activating the underlying nickel plate. The third step is applying the durable
layer of hardened 24 karat gold. When using the Gold Star plating system, the
chrome is electro chemically removed using the chrome stripping step. This
step has no effect on most factory paints or the underlying mirror bright
nickel plate. After a clean water rinse, the exposed nickel is activated. The
activation step ensures the nickel surface is chemically active, thus
providing the best possible adhesion of the gold plating. The gold plating handle
is connected to a special high-frequency, electronically controlled power supply.
This power supply delivers the precise amount of current required to convert
the gold dissolved in the solution, into hardened 24 karat gold plating. The gold
is applied as a series of overlapping, concentric circles of the solution
soaked gold sleeve, continuing until the desired thickness is achieved. The time
spent gold plating this emblem was a mere three to four minutes. To protectthe emblem after gold plating, Gold Plating Services protectant; Island Glow
gold shield, is applied to the emblem to help keep it clean and prevent water
spotting. When making your final decision as to a gold plating purchase, give
yourself the advantage of the finest equipment, supplies, technical support, and service available anywhere. Choose professionalism and choose the best, by choosing Gold Plating Services.