GMC MultiPro Tailgate: Most Innovative New Engineering Technology Feature | Edmunds

be honest about it. Truck tailgate
design haven’t really evolved since we were still
holding them up with chains. That’s why GMC’s MultiPro
Tailgate is such a revolution. CARLOS LAGO: This tailgate’s
like a Swiss army knife. And its multiple configurations
make it more accessible and easier to operate. There’s the wide
load stop, which gives you more load space
and more security as well. There’s a close
access configuration that makes it easier
to move and load heavy objects or awkward
sized ones like a motorcycle. ALISTAIR WEAVER: There’s
a full width step that’s wider than you’ll find
in competitors and a shelf that either works
as a stand up desk or makes it easier to load those
long pieces of wood which are otherwise difficult to stow. CARLOS LAGO: Whether you use
your truck for work, family, hauling, or recreation, there’s
a solution here for you. There’s even a Bluetooth
accessory speaker that fits in there for tailgating. GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate
makes truck ownership more accessible to more people. And you can still use it
just like a normal tailgate. ALISTAIR WEAVER: It’s
these real world benefits that make it a clear winner of
one of our Edmunds Tech Driven Awards.