Gideon Devanesan | Bachelor of Automotive Engineering (Honours) | RMIT University

(bubbly music) – [Gideon] I only moved to
Melbourne a few months ago. To me, it’s not just a new city. It’s my new home. (bicycle bell dings) A big part of the student experience is finding a part time job. And I got one. I deliver food around the city. I really like it because I get
to know so many new places, (bicycle bell dings) and it’s definitely a good
break between assignments. My name is Gideon Devanesan, and I did a two year
India Pathway Diploma. Currently I’m studying a Bachelor of Automotive Engineering at RMIT. (bell dings) I thought I knew a lot about cars, but when I got to RMIT,
I was in for a deep dive. – Okay, Gideon, so what
we’re gonna do here, we’re gonna measure this panel here. – [Gideon] The teachers took us through all the building
blocks of the engine, because for a great vehicle design, you have to know every single part. – It depends what your
experiment’s all about, but in many cases we want
lambda to always be one. (whirring) – [Gideon] In one of our
classes, we take our design from concept all the
way to a physical model, just like they do in the industry. It’s a massive task, so as a
team we share our measurements, making sure all our parts work together and fit the final design. (upbeat music) I think to make a difference, you have to challenge yourself, and my plan is to use the
skills I learned at RMIT and open my own business. Melbourne is crazy about sports. It’s such a cool way to learn. I experience the local culture. Studying overseas, you
get a chance to explore and discover beautiful places. I love sharing this
freedom with my friends. I’m there in the moment
for the first time. (birds chirp)