Gates, NAPA & Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck

[Blues rock music] Here at Lake Arbor Automotive and Truck, our promise to the customer is that we
do the right thing for you every time. My goal was to start a shop, advocate for the customer and really just do the right
thing for the customer. It has proved to be a very
effective business model. And so, what that means for us is that, Gates is going be the first
choice of what we install. In a shop like Lake Arbor Automotive, it’s always a challenge to have
the right parts on the shelf at the right time. Our partnership with Gates
and NAPA Belts and Hose, we have a very large inventory to
cover a broad spectrum of vehicles at hand that we can get delivered to
him really quickly anytime they need it. I’m Dave Hughes. I work
for Gates Corporation. I am a Factory Representative for
Gates assigned to NAPA Auto Parts. One of the most satisfying
parts of my job is taking the experience, the
knowledge that Gates provides for me and extend that to the end user. The most satisfying part of owning and operating
Lake Arbor Automotive and Truck is the fact that I get to do an honest, fair and reasonable repair that truly has the best interest
of the customer at heart. And it’s been our experience that Gates products
are the best choice. [Blues rock music]