Gates Boxed Timing Component Kits with Water Pumps

Hi! I’m John Schreckengast, ASE certified
master technician and today we’re looking at being System Smart when doing
timing system repairs and maintenance. Proper maintenance of the timing system
will ensure smooth operation of the engine. The timing system consists of a
timing belt and tensioner, with some systems also having idler pulleys and
water pumps. All of these parts need to work in harmony for optimal performance. A breakdown of just one component can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire timing system, or even worse damage an engine so
severely that repair cost will be thousands of dollars or the engines will need to be entirely replaced. Help your customers avoid breakdowns
and expensive repairs by being System Smart. This means replacing all worn system
components at the same time, even though they may not appear to be
worn at that time. 90% of tiny belt failures are the result of
components OTHER than the belt failing. Research shows that over 70% of
consumer comebacks are eliminated when a box timing belt component kit is
installed versus just the belt. So if you’re replacing a timing belt, it just makes sense to replace all worn components at the same time. Replacing the timing belt driven water
pump at the same time as the belt, actually saves your customer money in the long run. They won’t need to pay labor twice to do two separate jobs, making them more satisfied with your work. It’s also important to replace other
worn timing belt components like tensioners and pulleys at the same time
as the belt and the water pump. This drastically reduces the chances of a
breakdown and again minimizes the labor costs for your customer. Gates box timing component kits with water pumps make it easy to do a complete system repair. You’ll find complete parts coverage in one box,
including gaskets and hardware. There’s no need for multiple sources to
find parts. These box kits utilize OE design components supplied by the world’s number-one OE belt supplier and include everything to perform the
repair completely and correctly, providing superior materials and construction.
ALL at an affordable price. All kits include step-by-step instructions, as well as
an enhancement item designed to eliminate common problems in that application.
Remember when components wear they put the entire timing system at risk. Prevent
costly system failure and customer comebacks by remembering to
Be System Smart. Start inspecting the serpentine, cooling,
and timing systems at 60,000 miles, and replacing worn components at 90,000 miles, or as advised by the manufacturer. Give your customers peace of mind, Be System Smart, and think I60 R90 when doing timing system repairs.