FYI: Custom Paint Mixing For Your Car, Truck, or Motorcycle

Hey everybody, Jeremy here from O’Reilly
Auto Parts to talk to you about our custom paint mixing service. Before I get into that,
I want to give you the opportunity to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, so
you don’t miss out on any of our new content Just like a number of our stores resurface brake drums and rotors or make hydraulic hoses,
select O’Reilly Auto Parts stores are equipped to custom-mix paint for your DIY paint repairs.
You can give us a call, visit or use our store locator to find the paint mixing store that’s
closest to you. O’Reilly Auto Parts carries several popular
paint brands, as well as our MasterPro Refinishing series of body fillers, primers, sandpaper,
and paint & body repair tools. And then, when you’re ready to put the finishing touches
on your repair, ask about our custom paint mixing. The brand of paint will vary depending
on the store, but the process of getting it mixed and ready to spray is the same across
all of our paint store locations. To ensure you’re getting the perfect shade
of custom paint, we’ll need the following information:
Your vehicle’s make, model, and year And your vehicle’s paint code
The paint code on a vehicle can often be found on a tag inside the driver side door jamb…
inside the glove box… in a wheel well… or under the hood near the radiator support.
On many newer vehicles, you may see a bar code sticker, which usually includes information
on the paint code, trim level, and other vehicle details. On older model vehicles, this may
be located on a metal tag. The next question you’ll be asked at the
paint counter is what type of paint you intend to use. Paint is formulated in two ways: either
as a single-stage, which would not require clear-coat; or as a basecoat, where the paint
provides the color, but an additional clear-coat application would be needed to provide gloss
and protection. And the last decision you have to make is
how much paint you actually need for your particular job. Custom mixed paint is available
by the pint, quart, or gallon. The amount you’ll need can depend on the panel size,
vehicle size, color coverage, primer color, and your ability as a painter. Ask the paint
professional at your local store for a recommendation on the amount you’ll need to complete the
job. If you’re only refinishing a small panel
or performing a spot repair or touchup on the vehicle, we can also mix custom paint
in an aerosol can. Our Fill-One Master Blend aerosols are the same high-quality paint,
but without the need of a spray gun. The aerosol fan nozzle helps apply an even coating, much
like using a spray gun for your repair, but without all the messy clean up. Custom aerosol
paint is available at most of our paint mixing stores, and can be mixed and packaged in a
matter of minutes. It’s available in both single-stage or basecoat formulas, so make
sure if you need clear-coat to pick it up while you’re there.
One last thing to keep in mind: the paint color of your car may fade over time, which
makes a perfect match more difficult. Previous paint repairs may also differ from the original
color of the vehicle. Our paint professionals can custom-mix the paint color based on the
factory paint code, but we can’t necessarily account for fading or previous repairs. Spraying
a test panel will help ensure that your paint will match perfectly before you apply it on
a larger scale. And that’s it! For everything you need for
DIY body work, from sanding and filling to spraying and polishing, stop by an O’Reilly
Auto Parts paint store, and ask our Paint Professionals for the right products and know-how
to get the job done right. We’ll see you again soon.