Full soundproofing car. Vibration isolation and noise reduction.

A team of 5 people starts to sound insulation automoble Prepared necessary materials and tools Cleaning fluid and degreaser film for protection from scratches fasteners and clips replacement Master inspects the vehicle and writes the damage to the body, for example scratches checks door mechanisms This is necessary in order to avoid claims by the car owner Today on the sound insulation: Volkswagen Tiguan The team starts to work The car put on protective fabric covers glued film To avoid damage to the plastic when disassembling the salon applied tape Removed the door trim When working with a door it is necessary to fix the glass Cut strips of vibration isolation width of 5 centimeters strips are glued vertically on a metal door you need to pin down a vibration roller or a wooden spatula the inner part of the door trim panel all sealed vibration-isolating material this will improve the sound of music On the plastic door trim is glued shumopoglaschayuschy material the hood the factory casing is dismantled need to clean the metal vibration is cut according to patterns glued on the hood silencer with foil layer the interior of the car disassembled dust removal vibration is glued stripes you can additionally pasting another layer cross arches of the car completely stuck across the bottom of the car is attached silencer roof strips of vibration isolation silencer noise isolation of arches on the outside removed the fender liner wash the plastic fender liner vibration and noise isolation of arches on the plastic inner fender is glued a piece of carpet fastened with screws on the plastic glued vibration absorber Noise isolation damper for transverse wall you need to remove the plastic as far as possible, stick vibration soundproofing the tailgate everything is done in the same way as the rest of the doors additional rubber seals to reduce wind noise the work has been completed