Fuel Line and Fuel Injection Hoses | ACDelco

Hi. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Peter Robert
from ACDelco and today we’re discussing fuel injection and fuel line hoses – and
why the correct replacement hoses are vital for use with today’s gasoline and diesel
fuel blends. It’s simple: modern fuel hoses are necessary
with modern fuels that are made with more aggressive fuel blends that can degrade basic
rubber – a factor that’s particularly prevalent in gasoline blended with more ethanol,
including E-85 ethanol. If you’re are experiencing a persistent
odor of gasoline or diesel fuel, or if you smell fuel in your vehicle, or your engine
has been running rough and/or maybe now won’t even start, you might have a degraded fuel
hose. The hose has become thin-walled enough to
clog your fuel injectors, or has cracked, or has sprung a pin-hole leak. Please don’t wait to have your vehicle inspected. Visit acdelco.com right away and click on
“find a participating service center.” When it comes to replacing those hoses, ACDelco
offers the industry’s best fuel line and fuel injection hoses. In fact, they’re built
with more than just rubber to stand up to the most aggressive fuels at the pump. Let’s
take a look inside. It starts with a barrier tube that’s fortified
to resist high heat and aggressive fuels such as ethanol. Wrapped around the barrier tube is a greenshield
barrier – a patent-pending thermoplastic material designed to deliver the lowest permeanation
of fuel in the industry. Next, comes an adhesion layer that serves
as a secondary defense against oil and aggressive fuels. We then add a spiraled, woven textile reinforcement
that supports best-in-class working pressure – up to 225 PSI for fuel injection. Finally,
there’s the outer cover, which is designed to deliver outstanding ozone and heat resistance
to help the hose last for years without degradation. The long and short of ACDelco fuel line and
fuel injection hoses is they do more than simply carry fuel to the engine. They’re engineered to stand up to the pressure
of modern fuel injection systems, the under-hood heat in the hottest of driving environments
and, most importantly, the potentially corrosive effects of today’s aggressive fuel blends. If you persistently smell fuel in your car,
have it inspected immediately at a local ACDelco professional service center. New fuel hoses may be the solution and ACDelco
has you covered with the best replacements that meet or exceed original-equipment standards. And if you have an older car that was built
before the advent of today’s aggressive fuel blends, ACDelco’s fuel hoses make a
smart investment in the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next