Free BMW stability control DSC fix that works perfectly and it’s easy to do(HACK) e87 e90 e60

hey guys today we’re gonna fix a really
common BMW dynamic Stability control problem as you can see I’m going
straight and the car thinks that I’m in some kind of trouble it tries to block
the wheels and cut off engine power just to straighten the car but there is no
need for that it is extremely easy to fix this but if you don’t know what the
problem is and how to solve it you’re gonna play a lot of money in the garage
extremely dangerous to drive it like this because when I was merging into the
traffic the dynamic Stability control kicked in and I had no power just not at
all the main reason why this abs and traction control issue occurs is because
of rust and corrosion on the drive shaft the most common abs and traction control
fault is cracked corroded or swollen abs ring on the drive shaft here you can see
the ABS sensor held by one bolt so I went under the car and inspected my ABS
ring and I saw that there is no cracks or missing teeth so the solution for
this problem was to move ABS sensor away from that ABS ring and then I will
manage to solve my problem really the corrosion on the dredge half just pushes
ABS ring near the ABS sensor and when it touches that sensor the system is
activated so usually this ABS sensor is really stuck so it’s good to use like
some kind of wd-40 or some other penetrating oil and I use these pliers
and screwdriver to move ABS sensor away from the ABS ring and there is no need
to move it all the way back we only need to move it a bit so we could put a spacer underneath and just make a little
gap from ring and the sensor it’s really easy to fix this because you don’t need
to remove anything really just need to take out the wheel and you can fix this
I read in forums that one guy spend 1500 euros to get it fixed because garage
workers they don’t like to mess around with ABS rings they just change all
driveshaft components and that’s it and those things are expensive what we did
here is really a temporary fix because the rest will
move the ring more and more and eventually it will break but for my
purpose it’s good for now and I have no problems and I can continue with my
driving experience and in the future I will change that drink