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it’s Wednesday October 24th thanks for
joining us coming up a push for uber drivers to go
green but first your top news stories Ford has appointed a new head of its
struggling China operations the company is also elevating for China to a
standalone business unit reporting directly to Jim Farley president of
global markets the u.s. car maker naming Anning Chen CEO and president of Ford
China effective November 1st Chen previously served as CEO of cherry
automobile he fills a post vacated when Ford’s previous China chief abruptly
stepped down in January for the second time in six months an explosion and fire
have idle production at a North American magnesium parts plant owned by supplier
Meridian according to media reports emergency crews responded Monday night
at one of three meridian lightweight technologies factories in stretch
Ontario two minor injuries were reported in May a fire at a Meridian plant in
Eaton Rapids Michigan disrupted operations at five automakers a week
after it began taking orders for a lower-priced version of the model 3
Tesla has inched the price up by $1,000 the new mid-range battery version of the
model 3 now costs 46,000 dollars according to Tesla website that’s
compared with 53 thousand for the longer-range battery version meantime
Tesla is scaling back the list of available options for two other vehicles
the idea is to simplify manufacturing CEO Elon Musk announcing on Twitter that
some interior configurations on the Model S and Model X will not be
available after November 1st last month he said Tesla would take two paint
colors off the menu citing the same reason
Daimler confirming that it’s setting up a ride-hailing joint venture in China
with Jilly Group Jilly chairman Lee shufoo took a nine point six nine
percent stake in Daimler earlier this year the new venture indicates the
Chinese firm is making progress in its drive for closer relations with Daimler
meantime General Motors plans to expand its maven peer-to-peer car-sharing
initiative from three US cities to ten by the end of the year the program
allows owners and eligible lessees to rent their vehicles to maven users for
cash and the global bosses at Hyundai and Kia are still weighing a
congressional call to have their top US executives testify about a rash of
reported non-collision fires in their vehicles in separate interviews today at
their headquarters in Seoul Hyundai Motor Company CEO one Healey and Han woo
park CEO of Kia Motor Corporation said their companies are considering how best
to respond to the request the Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled a
hearing for November 14th the us-based Center for auto safety has called for
all 2011 to 2014 Kia Sorento Kia Optima Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Santa Fe
models to be recalled as well as all 2010 to 2015 Kia souls the hyundai and
kia executives say they are working with the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration to identify root causes of the reported fires in a bid to help
drivers switch to all-electric vehicles uber says it will increase the cost of
taking a ride according to Bloomberg riders in London
will pay 20 cents more per mile the ride-hailing company aiming to
create a two hundred sixty million dollar fund as a result of the increase
CEO derek oz raja he’s saying tuesday the money would be put in individual
savings account for each driver specifically ubers european boss says an
average driver working forty hours a week over three years could expect to
save forty five hundred pounds on the cost of an Eevee that’s about fifty
eight hundred dollars however Cosmo Shawn he says the availability of
affordable EVs remains a challenge he says that uber is
in discussions with manufacturers to provide v’s ubers new fund is part of
its plan to only have v’s on London’s roads by 2025 the announcement by the
way comes days before ooh BRR heads to a London Court to appeal a court ruling
that its driver should be entitled to benefits including overtime and paid
vacation and a quick birthday to note Volkswagen CEO Herbert DS turns 60 today
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