Ford Edge Gets Refresh with New ST for 2019 –

we’re here with the refreshed Ford Edge
which gets some styling changes and a twin-turbo v6 engine in the all new
high-performance edge ST now in profile the edge doesn’t look all that different
from last year’s model the fenders the door panels the roof those are all the
same but the big changes are up front and in back where the new edge gets
updated headlights taillights bumpers and bigger differences on this edge st
which has darker trim pieces and a unique grille here with a hexagonal
pattern versus the body coloured grille in other edge trim levels now under the
hood the st gets its own engine it’s a twin turbo EcoBoost 2.7 liter v6 engine
good for 335 horsepower 380 pounds feet of torque that’s versus the base engine
which is a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder that’s good for 250 horsepower 275
pounds feet of torque both of those engines work through a new 8-speed
automatic transmission with specific tuning in the edge st you also get a
rotary shifter here versus the old pull from park to drive shift unit that’s
pretty much the only change on the inside of this refresh for the edge but
you know not much else needed to be changed pretty high quality interior in
the existing edge now also nice to see standard automatic emergency braking and
forward collision warning when this car goes on sale that’ll be in summer of
2018 plenty more to come so stay tuned you