Flex Seal® Colors Versus Spray Paint | Flex Seal®

– Hi, I’m Phil Swift and I’m
here to show you the difference between a regular spray paint
and our new Flex Seal colors. Flex Seal now comes in a
bunch of vibrant new colors, and they are incredible. So if you take a look
at a regular spray paint that you’d find in a hardware store, well this is it, it’s thin,
it’s runny, it’s drippy, (coughs) it’s misty, it’s not very good. But Flex Seal is completely different. It’s actually liquid rubber in a can. And this sprays out as a thick liquid. It seeps in the cracks and holes, and it dries to a water-tight
flexible rubberized coating. And you can see the coverage is amazing. What’s great about Flex Seal is really, just one pass and it covers fast. And look at that color,
that’s a beautiful red. Flex Seal actually seeps
in the cracks and holes, and it dries to a water-tight
flexible rubberized coating. And now with these new colors, there’s so much that you can do. So the choice is obvious I mean, if you’re in a hardware store, and you’re there, you’re
thinking what do I do? Do I buy a spray paint or Flex Seal? Spray paint, Flex Seal. It’s simple, it’s gotta be Flex Seal. Flex Seal is super thick, it sprays out as a rubberized coating, it seeps in the cracks and holes, and look at the coverage on that. It dries to a water-tight
flexible rubberized coating, and now it’s available in all
these fantastic new colors. There’s so much that you
could do with Flex Seal. I’ll tell you what, arts
and crafts, hobbies, let me show you what else we can do. This artist was able
to create a huge mural, using only Flex Seal colors. That’s amazing. Wow, now that was incredible. This entire mural was done
with only Flex Seal colors. No paint at all. But there’s one more thing you gotta see. Come with me. And you wanna see
something really amazing? Using only Flex Seal colors
we coated and transformed this old pickup truck. And turned it into the
Flex Seal submarine. (honks) Red, blue, and green, it’s the coolest sub you’ve ever seen. And the inside is completely dry. Full speed ahead, and
what are you looking at?