FIRST LOOK: 2018 Volvo XC60 in Malaysia – RM299k-RM343k

The Volvo XC60 is finally available in
Malaysia just one year after it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March
last year. Actually it’s less than one year and that’s pretty quick by any
measure. What we have here is the top-of-the-line T8 Twin Engine
Inscription Plus and it’s fully imported from Sweden priced at RM374,000. It
looks like the XC90 but this is obviously smaller and it goes against
the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC This one here is fully kitted and comes
with the Bowers & Wilkins sound system and it undercuts the locally assembled
XC90 by a full RM40k despite being a CBU unit. Before we start
talking about this car the model that you should really be interested in is
the locally assembled XC60 which will be available starting in April. The good
news is you can start placing your bookings today and there will be three
versions available for you to choose The CKD lineup starts with the entry-level
T5 Momentum that’s priced at RM299,000 But unlike before, there’s no T6, going up instead to the T8 – an engine that will be offered in two trims which is the Inscription and Inscription Plus
models. It’s also worthy to note that the new T5 is RM30k more
expensive than the old T5 model Pricing for the top spec CKD XC60 is at RM343k or a full RM30k cheaper
than this unit right here. Specs wise it will be by and large the same except
that the CKD versions will lose out on air suspension and as an added bonus all
variants including the base T5 Momentum will get all-wheel-drive compared to the
old one which was only available in front-wheel drive. So if the CKD batch is
coming who then is gonna buy this car? Simple. For those who can afford it and
want to be the first to own it and before you register your interest in the
CBU unit, I just want to tell you that all units have been spoken for so might as
well just go for the CKD unit Lets first start talking about the most
interesting bit of the car that is the plug-in hybrid engine. Under the bonnet
or rather under this soft-touch engine cover is a road tax-friendly
2 litre four-cylinder engine and it’s the exact same one found in the XC90 and
S90 T8. That means it gets 407 horsepower and 640 Newton meters of torque making
it even more powerful than the AMG-powered GLC 43 which is a RM540k
car that comes with a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 Primary propulsion comes from a twincharged engine which means it gets a turbocharger and a supercharger for a
more linear power delivery the engine alone makes 320 horsepower and 400
Newton meters of torque and it’s complemented by a secondary engine in
the form of an electric motor which is mounted on the rear axle. Marry the two
engines together and you get 407 horsepower and 640 Newton meters of torque.
It’s incredibly powerful no doubts about that and in fact it’s the most powerful
SUV in its class. Together with an 8-speed automatic this 0-100 sprint is
done in 5.3 seconds and it will go onward to 230 km/h as its top speed. Now
it’s crazy because this car weighs 2.1 tonnes. Now that’s really impressive. For
those of you who are new to the volvo way of doing things
the T8 badge means it’s a plug-in hybrid and one way of knowing is through this
charging port right here the XC60 is equipped with a 10.4 kilowatt hour battery pack that offers a cruising range of up to 45
kilometers when fully charged and it’s neatly tucked away in the center tunnel
meaning boot space is not compromised at all Volvo says it takes anywhere between
two to seven hours to charge up the battery depending on the charger that
you use but most of us just charge it overnight like we do with our cell
phones anyway there’s regenerative charging as well
and you can even prompt the engine to function as a generator to recharge the
battery but you end up using extra fuel now let’s talk about the exterior. It’s
basically a shrunken down version of the XC90 and it still looks really really
good it’s visually less commanding of course
because of its smaller size but there is no mistaking this for anything other
than a Volvo when you see this on the road Here we get a nice bold Inscription
grille with the Iron Mark badge Full adaptive LED lights with Thor’s hammer
daytime running lights, front parking sensors and a forward facing camera and
radar system for the incredibly extensive Volvo Intellisafe safety
system. Round the side it gets 19-inch 10-spoke diamond-cut alloy wheels which
look eerily similar to the S90s Door mounted side mirrors with signal
indicators and a camera down here as well as nice metal work down here to
complement this beautiful chrome strip over at the back again unmistakably
Volvo. This nice-looking L-shaped LED strip outlines the rear proportion and
forms the taillights and unlike the XC90 the LED strip stretches all the way
towards the center like the V90, you know just in case you can’t tell that it’s an XC60. One more thing I really like about this car is the way the exhaust
looks and how it fits to the overall look of the car but upon closer
inspection you’ll find the real pipe in the center so this isn’t a real deal.
If you think the XC60 looks very familiar on the outside then in here is
pretty much a carbon copy of the XC90 and S90. everything from the steering
wheel the instrument cluster the dash layout the head unit and even this media
control is really as close as it gets even the controls down here there with the
layout and the switches and the buttons even the cubby holders are similar. There
are however a few exceptions. The middle section of the dash is a little
different and this whole piece of driftwood trim is crafted from a single
piece of wood. Real wood. This thin strip of chrome outlining the wood just adds
another touch of class. As you can expect from a car in this class and price range
the quality of materials used throughout cabin is pretty solid. You’ve got soft touch
plastics here and here as well as down here with some leather and nothing
really feels out of place, cheap or tacky everything is just really really nice.
With the Inscription Plus you get a 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system
with 10 channel Class D amplifier It’s standard here with the CBU unit but if
you want this in the CKD version, make sure to go for the Inscription Plus, and not
the Inscription. This option alone costs RM10k
but this is something you and all your passengers even your deaf grandparents
will really enjoy so the standard equipment here or any
other XC60s for that matter would be this nine-inch Sensus connect screen
head unit diamond cut twist to start knob and drive mode selector, dual zone
climate control and powered leather seats the Inscription trim gets this big
panoramic glass roof, beautiful crystal gear knob made by Swedish glass maker Orrefors, paddle shifters and power folding rear seats. by the way the
leather seat can be held in two colors charcoal or maroon brown. Now let’s check
out the back seats. Back here as you can see space is pretty decent. It’s probably
not as spacious as the GLC but I don’t think anyone’s gonna complain I’ve got the
seats adjusted to my driving position and you see I’ve got at least two
knuckles worth of space here Headroom as well not too bad
window opening pretty large so you don’t feel claustrophobic in this back seat
right here and you’ve also got a nice armrest that stick out better than a
Bentley Bentayga. But there’s one thing I have to point out about this car is
the footwell down here – notice how the two mounts for the rails for the seats
to move front and back, it’s getting in the way of the foot well so you don’t
get as much space for your feet This centre hump on the other hand is not a
problem it’s a very common SUV thing and the battery is built in here. There’s no
centre air vents here but it’s built into the B pillars which could be enough I
guess. Unfortunately there’s no integrated booster seats back here but
you do get ISOfix mounting points down here but let me show you one thing
I really really like about this car underneath this seat is an opening for you
to keep large items such as a iPad Mini or a large iPad would fit there no
problem why because they can As for practicality, this car’s boot space is just
a little bit bigger than the older model here it gets 505 liters of space but the
older car had 495 litres. It’s not class-leading that’s for sure but the
Mercedes GLC and upcoming BMW X3 both get 550 litres of space but you know
it’s still decent, plus you can fold the rear seats down to make room to fit more
stuff in here. Models with air suspension get to lower the rear axle via the two
buttons right here. Lastly, all XC60s come with Volvo’s full range of safety
technologies as standard and nothing else out there comes close to what this
guy offers. There’s City Safety, detection for pedestrian and cyclist and large
animals, lane-keeping aid, blind spot monitoring and a number of active
features that make sure you stay within your lane when you’re driving. With the
inscription however you get an extra feature called Pilot Assist which
automatically accelerates and brakes for you when driving at up to speeds of 130
km/h. And every purchase of the XC60 comes with a five-year unlimited mileage
warranty package Overall the XC60 is priced just a little
bit higher than some cars in its class most notably the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250,
but it does come with a whole lot more kit What do you think of the car let us
know in the comment section below This has been Matthew thank you for watching
and as usual I’ll see you in the next one