Ferrari 458 Paint VS a WIRE BRUSH!

good morning YouTube we are back up into
details continuing on with the four five eight restoration and today we’re
finally get some PPF on it so yes expel stepped up they hooked us up with some
PPF and we’re putting on this new products I actually have some new stuff
that’s even more durable so I’m gonna talk about that in a minute it’s already
looking absolutely gorgeous so they’re done with the paint correction let’s
take a look at this it’s it’s ridiculous the car looks like a totally new car so they did the paint correction last
night actually they sent me a video washing the car about like 10 o’clock at
night and holy crap it looks amazing there is basically no swirl marks
anywhere they even got out like this side view mirror had some scratches
where clearly the last owner had I know hit a garage door some of the scratches
are gone except for a tiny little bit right there which I’m assuming is just
too deep to get out they filled in a lot of the paint that was missing you
remember the back of the wheels yeah look at this it’s actually red again
it’s no longer white so the one thing that we haven’t done yet is we need to
send off this piece out to burly’s to get painted so we’re gonna actually
remove the entire glass piece today otherwise everything else is looking
amazing absolutely amazing like I said no swirl marks anywhere the paint
actually looks like paint it’s actually red and it’s shiny oh my god this is
definitely the best the cars ever looked and if you remember the last video we
were clean the leather interior and holy crap now it’s had time for the leather
conditioner to soak in it’s no longer glossy and it just feels so good and it
smells so nice in here oh my god my interior just looks immaculate this is
crazy like I can’t believe this is even my car hey shot dog shot dog is not a fan of
the microphone he comes running away from a microphone oh I’m sorry I’m not
trying to scare you Bentley all right you guys remember Brad from a punk took
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calm look at this pattern this is that mirror hole uh-huh so we’ve gone in the
Green Line is where it was so we’ve gone in and made that my new adjustment where
it was high Wow on top of the mirror just that little tiny bit and then here
it was a little low so we had made an adjustment right there in that curve
part places are ridiculous levels of perfection exactly and now we’re gonna
just we have just a bunch of scrap pieces of mail and we’ll use to plot
pieces like this on test pieces yep then it’s considered trash after it’s done
it’s just for us to figure out what size that hole needs to be so we can get
really tight that the pattern from dava’s from a 2010 car so this is kind
of the older way that the DAP system did now they’ve got him on tighter I’ve we
know to test fit these older cars so that we can get the scenes where we
wanna sew the gap around it was probably close to a quarter inch gap all the way
around the mirror and now when we’re done you’ll see it would be pretty tight
I bet on this one sweet so let’s plot it you ready so we can super cross microscopically
clothes playing PPF Tetris to get it on the film to
maximize efficiency this is the true challenge the level or you want now this
is level 15 little 15 Tetris almost there
all those years of being a kid with like Gameboy and shit finally paying off
see mom yeah who would’ve thought it was worth the money yeah and the time I
spent yeah to play Tetris all those hours me too this is the new and
improved expell ultimate I saw that on the box ultimate was 10 mil 10 mils blue
super day what’s the normal stuff a map 8 and 1/2 we got it next day I won a
half Jill suppose do they claim but you’re gonna be able to install it just
as easy supposedly supposedly that’s your problem I know I’m gonna stand here and just
watch occasionally laughs for you Joe yeah yeah I’ll be your comedic relief
you know you could crack jokes at my expense and I’ll crack jokes at your
expense I think it’s mutual oh you were solid I
don’t want to look like total shit was that we on that internship where you
work on your own car I did yesterday before I got the day off something
together man get it all set up to be cutting kind of
patterns all set up oh here we go for cool all right we’re just doing a test-fit
yeah we’re gonna see there’s supposed to be a difference in the gloss it’s
supposed to be an improvement with this ten mill so we’re gonna see if in fact
looks better it does have an improvement in gloss oh my god that’s much better
please like unvisible the texture on this is completely different
significantly better that stuff’s really good see just barely
or it is right there wow that is amazing Felix really good that’s a significant
improvement over the standard 8.5 mil yeah we heard rumors that it was
supposed to be gloss here but man that’s a huge difference between the other
stuff this is my first time seeing and I’m blown away yeah I’m very impressed
yeah there’s a new new stuff we might be switching to all this film all over
installed now once that dries it’s gonna look pretty amazing and then we’re going
to that expel ceramic coating on this is so this is the edge became
there barely and if you go from the dudes look at the factory orange peel
off you up here then scroll the camera down to that no difference very very
minimal difference between the factory and that yeah I’m very impressed I can’t
wait to see your whole car in this stuff oh my god I’m excited and then with the
coating on top it’s gonna be super glossy yes oh yeah so we’re putting a
special expel ceramic coating made specifically for PPF yeah so it’s a
their fusion ceramic coating and they designed it just for the PPF so you
don’t lose any self-healing properties so I decided to get that on here too and
so Dan had a good idea we peeled the other piece off so I threw another one
on cuz you want to see this film self heal let’s try it I’ve got up one of
these little brass bristle brushes and I’m gonna give it a good scratch right
here I’m ready mmm all right somebody’s might be 2d because there we go pretty
messed up brush right now the gun
so that was with this brush right here yeah no I’d love to see you try that
paint no that’s a lot of cutting down clear coat to get that on yeah
well that’s pretty cool isn’t it yeah that’s amazing but now you’ll have this
over your whole car so if you wash it improperly or anything like that well
Matt a really neat gun or Sun any of those things I’ll just heal itself up
that’s awesome all right guys so again this is the new expell ultimate plus yes
it’s the ultimate and PPF protection so it’s 10 mils thick as you can see first
of all it resisted the scratches and then once it did get scratched you just
take a little heat gun to it and the scratches are gone and of course no I
don’t worry about when I wash my car I’ll have to be quite so gentle and so
concerned about scratching the paint on source stuff because I’m not exactly
easy in my car and obviously it’s been protected from Rock chips and all that
sort of crap as well door dings just a good idea had to have this stuff on your
car so go check them out expel calm I know most of you have heard of expels so
they’re kind of like the Kleenex of the PPF world right like you know and people
don’t say I’m giving a PPF they saying I’m gonna expel so that’s what we’re
doing we’re getting expelled day two good where YouTube we’re back
out of thunder details and we’re gonna check on the progress of a four five
eight restoration but Brad told me I’m not allowed to walk into the room yet
I’ll let him explain so we have a little surprise for you Dan I’d say a small
token of our appreciation for just being an awesome dude Oh
bringing your dirty ass to ourself so I’m gonna take the camera for you and I
want to record your response on this surprise okay alright here you go
so come over here alright alright I’m coming I look yeah you can look okay
it’s not something you’re gonna notice right away but it’s over here on this
side okay it’s not the big black strip on the front no it’s definitely not that
so we put your badges back on the side not over here oh dude no way oh isn’t
that cool so we had those made for you holy to brand your car it’s the same
Pininfarina fun saint-fond everything so dude oh that is so cool
no badass dude is super badass oh my god thank you sir that man oh my god it’s
been a pleasure will you pull up to working with us oh we thought we’d do
you like I love little detailing small things and we thought someone’s gonna
see that and go wait different wait longer than it looks different like what
is it and then it’s got normal guys super car in it oh that’s so badass dude
thank you your idea Oh Brad you really do like me I do dude
I thought about the idea and I had an ad come across my Instagram a long time ago
oh I know what I’m gonna do Zach oh we can do to make this car just
pop that is so so bad for at least 30 minutes to find
yeah what was the site what was it do it was it market and I mean it’s cool you
can get it done at this I think the site was like my custom emblems or something
oh cool name laser-cut them you sent you tell me what you want to type you can
pick all these different types really and I said I wanted to match dependent
farina they do paint and everything no they just do so it’s really amazing kind
of steel I mean that’s solid stainless steel it’s not that cheap no I could
feel its like sharp the edges are all like you can tell they’ve been machined
lasered or whatever it’s like let’s legit oh the films on it oh yeah oh it’s
on here too though right no okay apparently not Wow oh yeah there it is
right there just barely go see it Wow yeah like you can’t see it oh man you
got a hole nice and rolled in there geez the front fenders don’t poke the hole
dude that is so cool oh should you look at this apparently the engine bay is all
yea tidied up and beautiful oh wow yeah it’s all shiny and the hoses
and stuff yeah yeah just like a big like gloss that’s it all that on there all
your hostessing there you have an there’s hole all done dude akari’s
looking so good yeah come on oh my god yeah I kind of wrap into this body line
here where the panel’s me yeah right there just for the radius yeah this
one’s pretty much done I put the light back here and everything
oh yeah you can even like can’t even hardly see the edge you have to really
look for the edge yeah but it’s all good it has almost as much viability and
flexibility as this standard 8.5 with way more goals yeah this looks really
shiny and it looks you know if you took if you look I love how Worcester was
weighted you might be able do that actually do your slow roll over this and
then we can go to that Lamborghini which is red and it’s got the eight point five
and yells oh sure okay let’s do that and now give me clay barring this people are
gonna complain about everything you do this is the world of YouTube you didn’t
do this you’d do that ah so we’re actually gonna try putting any piece of
black vinyl it’s this is this is PBS it’s a little PPF just correct tinted
black yeah so it’s matte black which matte it was pretty similar to this
matte gray they have yeah caught a good number of chips so this might help us
hide that yeah the goal was I didn’t necessarily want to take off the bumper
and get that spot repainted so we’re thinking this might be a temporary good
solution that protects it from getting more chips and at least looks reasonably
good for now so far it’s looking pretty good
definitely hive the you can’t really see the divots and stuff yeah I came out
really good I like it yeah yeah much better than little spots of red
everywhere oh look how bad it is so we’re doing the revision to the original
and pattern so that it extends down here yeah heavy looks pretty good it’s much
better it’s a lot better than the crappy grey using a hypodermic needle to fix
some PPF damage that was existing the black looks so much better than the grey
oh yeah I like sweet