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Hello dear We Drive friends, and welcome to a new video! In this rainy and windy day, here in Geneva Before heading to the Geneva International Motor Show We decided to come and say hi here at Carugati Automobiles We saw some videos here on Youtube and many posts on Instagram of this legendary place It’s pretty cold right now, so I’ll try to be as fast as I can Before going inside to take a look at the works of art in display and on sale Please subscribe to our channel and turn on future video notifications by clicking on the little bell button Links everywhere for our videos from the 2019 GIMS You can find on screen our Facebook and Instagram accounts, check them out! It’s too cold, let’s get inside Ok we’re in, they are kindly letting us film the cars for you I hope my voice is not too low, I feel like I’m in church Before coming to Geneva I took a look to their website, you can find it in the description of this video But believe me, it’s nothing compared to see in real life what they have in stock right now First of all let’s start from this one, the Queen, the F40 At the GIMS we’ll see (we saw) the F8 Tributo, a hommage with a V8 Turbo engine With the same Lexan engine cover as this We saw it at the Cavalcade, you saw it many times on the internet Down there there’s a Ford GT I guess it’s a special version Ok, Bart is letting you see the interior of the F40 This GT says 600 RE on the side skirt I’m a bit ignorant about Ford GTs, if you know something about this, let me know in the comments below Bart follow me because there’s something incredible This is the EVO 190, maybe the most legendary AMG ever No need to describe this with words But the most astonishing part of this showroom, in my opinion, is this one Everything you could possibly desire from Maranello 250 SWB A masterpiece I never saw one of these in person before This has been my PC screensaver for many years, and it still is Marvellous Let the viewers see the exhausts, they are 4 cannons Then the softness of the design, this is amazing Then the TDF, boy does this scream, we heard it at the Cavalcade And on its left, a LaFerrari The modern Ferrari legend I’ll never get used to see LaFerraris in person Even if in red and black has a pretty “normal” spec, this leaves me speechless A more subtle specced TDF, in grey, right here Right here there are some modern legends, a little more quiet 812 Superfast Take a look inside Dark grey and leather Unbelievable Then there’s its predecessor, the F12 Berlinetta Let me know in the comments if you know this specific Ferrari color code, I want my car painted in this color! This place looks like a playground for me A classic 599 GTB Sadly we don’t see many of these in Italy, so I didn’t remember the air vents on the bonnet Look at the matching interior, with white contrasting stitchings Here’s a zone with more modern cars, 575 Down there there’s a 355 if I’m not wrong A Porsche 930, a Scaglietti But now follow me for something special There’s this Speedster, now I won’t talk I promise, I’ll let you enjoy it in silence Speedster Turbo Look, look at the convexity behind the seats Marvellous example of aerodynamics And then the massive wing But Bart please turn around and let the viewers see this one down here A 997 Sports Classic A special version of the 997, with a Duck Tail wing And please reach me down here On the other side there was the F40, here’s its direct rival the Porsche 959 Red all over the place, paint, wheels and interior! Let them see the astonishing interior Good morning to all of you, I’m Velio Spiga Welcome to this hidden part of the Carugati showroom here in Geneva, Plan-les-Ouates As I explained before to the We Drive guys, we always aim at having an always different selection of cars here Very different cars and eras, we have clients who want an investment-classic or modern supercars As you can see, starting from a classic Fiat 500 We have some classic racing cars Like this 1970 Lola Mk2 in original conditions We have a GT racing Porsche 993 This raced in Le Mans back in 2000 We have the latest supercars, under this cover there’s a LaFerrari Aperta We have a 250 Berlinetta Competizione In my opinion of the best Ferraris ever made One of the sportiest, it was born for racing I’ll let you take a look at the engine bay Of course 12 cylinders This is a masterpiece! It should be put in a museum! Absolutely gorgeous 3 carburetors, double-body Weber Astonishing In the other part of the showroom you saw a Berlinetta Alloy Competizione I noticed a particular detail In case you don’t remember what car is this This 512 BB gives you a hint on the license plate We have 3 in total in stock right now, the other two in the upper parts of this garage Another very interesting car is this Lamborghini 350 GT A fantastic and lightweight car to drive on the road, still today This has a Bertone Superleggera body, as you can see by this badge on the bonnet An excellent car and a piece of the Italian automotive history Back when Ferruccio Lamborghini started making cars Of course we always try to have different Porsches in stock We have a selection from the 1970s A 911 S, another one, a Targa A Ferrari 365 And a Ferrari 330 in the back, down there in red We have right now, here you go We’re about to prepare a Ferrari 246 Dino A fantastic car, we’re very fond to this car A big piece of history from Ferrari, the first with 6 cylinders Dedicated to the late and beloved Enzo Ferrari’s son, Dino Ferrari Still today can teach many things to modern sportscars Very well balanced Talking about Dino, let’s go and see the Fiat Dino Fiat 124 Fiat 500 And here another Dino, the Fiat Dino 2000 This car is growing very well in value, interesting for collectors The engine is derivated from the 2.4, this is the 2000 with 160 HP A very lightweight and enjoyable car in many different conditions It’s growing up very well, we’re happy to say we delivered many of these in the last period And we have more still to come in stock, too! Here’s a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead A thing we’re very proud of In the same showroom we offer completely different cars from completely different eras Another contrasting example, the Renault R5 Turbo I’ll open this for you Phenomenal, with these mega wide wheel arches, this is an icon Literally a French icon I noticed the insane orange carpets inside Blue interior, too, and of course engine in the back Spectacular Can you see the reflections on the bonnet of that 812? They’re not normal lights on the roof, Carlo direction the camera up A little detail As we began our experience here, we bring it to an end, with the F40 with me It’s been wonderful coming here, and also pleasing with the cold and rain outside Now we head to the GIMS to discover the Car Of The Year, of course by now you’ll already know They’ve been so kind with us, the cars are unbelievable We had a great chat with Velio, he’s a true classic cars connoisseur These people were amazing, they offered us a good coffee too I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as I did My personal favorite car, and also screensaver on my laptop, was the Ferrari 250 SWB Let me know about your favorite car, in the comments below Please subscribe to our channel and turn on future video notifications by clicking on the bell You can find in the description our whole Geneva playlist Don’t miss our FB and IG accounts, too, now we leave very sadly, see you in the next video! Bye, bye Bye Bye, see you, bye, I’ll miss you so much Bye LaF, bye TDF