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first your morning headlines fiat-chrysler CEO mike manly is
reconsidering a decision announced in January to stop building Ram heavy-duty
pickups at a plant in Saltillo Mexico manly may keep production in Mexico as
part of a push to lift fca– out of the number three spot in u.s. pickup sales
when US President Donald Trump was threatening a 25 percent tariff on
Mexican made pickup trucks earlier this year
Fiat Chrysler said Saltillo would be repurposed to produce future commercial
vehicles the automaker said production of the next-generation Ram heavy-duty
pickup would shift to its truck plant in Warren Michigan starting in 2020 but now
the u.s. Mexico and Canada have a tentative trade agreement that imposes
no ceiling on shipments of pickups to the u.s. from Mexico provided they meet
thresholds for the share of parts produced within the region manly telling
Reuters quote with a combination of warren and mexico building what we call
the classic truck we have enough production to increase output next year
if it’s required FCA has turned to a strategy of loading
its revamped around 1,500 full-size trucks with new features as it tries to
eat into sales of Ford’s f-series and General Motors Chevrolet Silverado and
GMC Sierra but manly tells Reuters FCA needs to move into second place adding
quote frankly I don’t care which of the two I take share from now a shake-up at
South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group the head of Hyundai’s US operations lee
kyung-soo has stepped down to become an advisor to
the company the automaker not naming a successor Lee
who goes by Kenny was named president and CEO of Hyundai
America in September 2017 also today Hyundai Motor promoted to veterans of
European brands to key posts Thomas schmira will be responsible for product
planning for autonomous cars connected and electrified vehicles the former BMW
executive joined Hyundai in March to oversee its high-performance car
division Luke donker welcome a former Bentley design chief who started his
stint at Hyundai in 2016 will be design head he replaces Peter Schreyer who last
month took over a new role as head of design management Hyundai said the
overhaul is part of an effort to accelerate innovation to achieve
sustainable growth the reshuffle coming as the automaker battles plunging
profits it also comes a month after the group
promoted heir apparent you-sun chung to executive vice chairman chung moving a
step closer to succeeding his octogenarian father as head at the
country’s second largest group in addition to the personnel changes
Hyundai Motor Group announcing that it has created an artificial intelligence
lab to focus on developing mobility services it also created a fuel cell
electric vehicle business division to double down on hydrogen vehicles and
mercedes-benz USA is under investigation by US safety regulators the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the automaker may be taking too
long to sense safety recall notices to car owners and informed the government
nitsa citing numerous instances in which owners of recalled cars weren’t notified
within the federally mandated 60-day window the agency says that in addition
the recall reports omitted important details such as estimated percentage of
defective units affected in a statement to Bloomberg Mercedes said it makes
quote every effort to ensure our recall campaigns and customer notifications are
executed in eight timely manner the automaker adding we
will work closely with Nitza on this audit query to address its concerns with
a rush of electric vehicles hitting the US market in the coming years access to
a convenient network of chargers is critical if automakers want to spur evie
acceptance as our Urvashi Acharya reports none besides Tesla were eager to
spend the billions to build the infrastructure but now Volkswagen is
working to make it happen with its Electrify america unit which
was born out of its diesel emissions crisis and it could become the
industry’s answer to Tesla’s proprietary fast charger network the subsidiary is
pouring two billion dollars over the next decade into developing a nationwide
web of non proprietary fast chargers accessible to all brands the two billion
dollars will be invested in 430 month cycles in the first phase Electrify
America will deploy nearly 500 direct current fast charger sites in 17 areas
and along highways by mid 2019 so far 24 sites have opened you can see more on
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