Faux Rust Finish – Spray Paint Fake Rust Look Onto Your Projects (DIY)

Alright guys so this is a steel wheel That I’m going to paint and make look kind of rusty for a mine cart so I just wanna show you
steps to get started on them and I was like I better stop so I can show you guys how I do this cause I know there are some people out there who may want to know how to do this so first thing I’m going to do is
spray-paint a base coat of brown so I went ahead and
got started but I’m gonna do a lot more so I’ll just
keep the steps going alright guys so now I’ve got a bottom a base coat basically and I didn’t do it solid because I feel like the more layers you have
the cooler it looks but you could coat this all the way if you
wanted to you I kinda like some of the shiny still coming through a little bit not a
lot just some little pockets and stuff like that but if you want to know the color I use for the base coat it is red primer Rustoleum So I’ll just keep layering it. Alright so I just went ahead and sprayed the color aged copper here this is the product right here cant see cause my shadow sorry right here and just a little bit light spray on here its kind of sparkly so don’t spray that much if your gonna do
it the next color I’m going to use is a little bit yellow I’m gonna dry brush that on alright guys so I went ahead and just brushed a little bit of yellow in there but not too much make sure your brush is real dry and then brush the excess off and then just need a little bit on and go in there
and put it on. Alright guys so I just put sienna mist spray-paint over the yellow and this color is awesome for making rust
color cause it kinda turns that yellow dry brushing that I did underneath kind of orange color kind of makes it look kind of rusty and stuff but we are not done yet we have more colors to go so I just went over it and just sprayed a little bit of satin cinnamon color on there and you don’t wanna do a
lot just wanna cover up little bit of just you know it just adds more layers
and stuff basically so and then what I’m going to do is now
I’m just gonna go back in just do a couple more touch up things
and then they should be done but in that pretty rusty now right This is basically pretty much the finish product so they look pretty rusty and I’m happy I went back over it was a little bit aged
copper and they are going to go on the track