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Is the new Aston Martin Valkyrie the latest,
greatest, newest, fastest super-hyper-car ever, OR a multi-million dollar murder missile
waiting to be unleashed on the world’s unsuspecting elite? – Find out today on the Car Truth Report I’m your host and world renowned key fob
conquistador Noor Elahi, thank you for joining us. Aston Martin has just revealed some more details
about their radical new 3.2 million dollar hypercar, the Valkyrie.  You know, the car that AM says will be able
to beat an F1 car around Silverstone?  Well, according to a Road & Track article,
see link below, Aston Martin/Redbull’s new apex predator will feature a 6.5L naturally
aspirated V12 designed by Cosworth – which is “based loosely” on the 2.4L V8 engines
that they used from 2010 to 2013 in a racing series called Formula 1, and is rumored to
make around 1000hp.  The v12 symphony from the Cosworth will
be played through a 12 to 1 exhaust system, which and I quote “makes it sound like it’s
revving twice as high as it actually is”.  This will sound fantastic – unlike my British
accent –  as engines that are even inspired by F1 power plants like the Lexus LFA v10,
tend to rev extraordinarily high, and sound extraordinarily good. F1 engines tend to be very oversquare. Undersquare means the bore of the piston is
wider than the stroke. Think more girth than length. The result is usually a high revving engine
that produces a higher horsepower figure than torque. Does this mean that the Valkyrie will have
stubby, fat cylinders that produce way more horsepower than torques? That seems likely as the Valkyrie only reportedly
weighs two thousand two hundred seventy one lbs just like a 1999 Mazda Miata – and 1000
ft/lbs of torque would be unusable and/or wasted at that weight, even with tons of stability
and traction control.  Another good reason to keep the torque numbers
down, relative to the horsepower figure, is that it allows Aston Martin to keep the drive-train
components as small and lite as possible. They are also reporting that the Valkyrie
will employ a single clutch gearbox; just like the famously understated Pagainis. The Valkyrie also lacks a reverse gear, opting
for a roughly 150 hp electric reverse motor, again presumably to save weight. One could also presume that electric motor
is also being used for torque-fill as well, just like other modern hybrid hypercars.  So, it sounds like the ratio of gas to electric
power on the Valkyrie is going to be roundabouts to 10 to 1. You can basically think of it as gas powered.  Oh did we mention that this car is RWD only?! The Valkyrie also is reported to make crazy
amounts of downforce. There is a really great video by KYLE.DRIVES
that delves very deeply into how the aerodynamics on this magical machine work.  He is a genius when it comes to aerodynamics,
and I would strongly recommend you check out his video after you are done with this one.  Check the link down below. The one sentence version is that the Valkyrie
will make significantly more aerodynamic downforce than anything before it. Aston Martin has stated that the Valkyrie
will be as fast as a modern P1 car, and even faster than F1 cars on some tracks!  I have heard crazy numbers like 2.5 cornering
g-forces. A very good performance car can do a little
over 1 cornering g-force.  It should be noted that F1 cars are not
driven by normal humans, they are instead piloted by people like Fernando Alonso who
can literally crack a walnut with his neck. Again, see link below. Can your average CFO, Oil Tycoon, or automotive
enthusiast for that matter handle a car that can pull 2.5 G’s in the corner? I guess we’ll find out, that is of course
if they can fit inside.  I mean people ride around on crotch-rockets
all the time with similar power-to-weight ratios, and nothing bad ever happens to them.   Are we saying the Aston Martin Valkyrie is
dangerous?  No, we don’t know enough about it yet,
but if you are going to buy or drive one of these, the Car Truth Report at least recommends
doing some neckersizes, and maybe getting some of those super-tight air force G-suits,
so your blood and organs don’t pool in your feet every time you hit the brakes. Also, if Aston Martin would like to fly us
out so we can drive a Valkyrie for real – and show us in person that this car is really
as scary as we think it is – we would be more than willing to revisit this story, AND supply
our own extra underwear.   What am I saying? Of course we are going to do more videos about
the Valkyrie in the future, regardless of Aston Martin’s generosity. Instead of ending this episode with a 3 questions
like normal, today we are going to try doing 3 predictions. number 1. The Valkyrie will be fast (DUH), but we mean
like the fastest. The Valkyrie WILL take and HOLD the track
record at the Nurburgring, somewhere in the low 6 mins, maybe even into the 5’s. number 2. Like we stated before, we think the Valkyrie
will have a much higher horsepower to torque ratio than your average road car based on
what we know about the engine so far, and that is not a bad thing since it only weighs
about as much as newborn yorkie. number 3.  Aston Martin will NOT fly us out to drive
their new king of cornering speed, no matter how many emails, and care packages we send
them. Remember to subscribe, and hit that notify
bell, because when we hear anything else about this G to the D of cornering G-forces, we
will put out a new video and let you know. The car Truth Report has been brought to you
by about five beers, giving me a little more courage since 1997.