Extreme Super Truck: The Kings Of Customised Pick Ups

CHRIS: Everyone likes pick ups, this is America! And we make the ultimate pick up. The Compensator? Yes I’ve heard of that. STEPHEN: The bigger the truck, the smaller his package? CHRIS: I don’t think we have many of those, most of our customers have a purpose for this
truck. COMM: The sky’s the limit at Extreme Super Truck, where one man and his crew build giant trucks as tall as 10 feet high for rappers, kings and hunters alike. But the ultimate in customisation
comes at a price. CHRIS: These trucks go from $89,000 to approximately a quarter of a million dollars. And everyone likes big! We got a Big Mac, we got a Whopper, might have a super truck. COMM: For the past 13 years, Chris Walker has torn apart big 4x4s and SUVS and built
them back up again from scratch in his shop in Georgia, USA. CHRIS: The cool thing I do is I don’t take a little truck and try to make it big, I actually
take a big truck and I shrink it down. These are commercial trucks when we buy them and
we turn them into, lack of better words, luxury pick ups. This is how everything starts – we’ve got a cab, a couple
of doors and class seats and rubber floors and from here we start doing our magic. COMM: Eager to see what magic Chris has performed on his behalf is customer Stephen who can’t
wait to see his new truck for the first time. STEPHEN: Its big, its black, the rest I really don’t know yet, I had about a 10% input and
the rest is up to him, I’m ready to see it. Oh my god! Look at that! This is nothing what
I looked at and its frigging amazing! CHRIS: When you lift that lid up there you got tons of secret storage. STEPHEN: Oh yeah! CHRIS: Bad boy horn, full air ride seats, custom centre console, you’ve got an off opponent
stereo system, its going to sound like you’re in a concert hall and by the way I don’t know
if you’ve ever go to blow up your beach toys, or you got a flat, or a quad’s down on air you always got 10 gallons of air on your truck with an exhilarator. STEPHEN: Thats nice. CHRIS: The really cool thing about this right now, there’s one in the world, it’s yours. COMM: All of Chris’ builds are unique but as well as size they all have power, speed
and smoothness of ride in common. CHRIS: We’re going to look at a red 4×4 4-door pick up. It’s an extreme and it’s 22 and
a half feet long, its just over 15,000lbs. It’s 100 inches wide again and I’d say its about
9ft 6 in height, so that’s going to be a Cummings ISB 350 horse power, 950ft pounds of
torque. The transmissions is going to be a digital 6 speed push button analisom, which is a 3200 series
RDS which it handles 1,695ft pounds of torque. Through a Kelderman system, we’ve got no springs
in our trucks we are full air ride suspensions front and rear. All these trucks pull 25,000lbs, they get 13 miles to the a gallon and they’ll do 100 miles and hour in a heart beat. COMM: As huge as it is, this isn’t even the biggest truck that Chris makes. CHRIS: The biggest truck is a 6-door 4×4 pick up truck. It’s 27 feet long, it’s 100 inches
wide, 9 to 10 feet tall depending on the tyre package. COMM: The huge pick up trucks certainly stand out alongside vehicles of more standard
proportions. MAN: This is a dream come true. If you’ve got the time and the money, it’s
something I would like to do. COMM: And Chris is justifiably proud of his bespoke creations. CHRIS: They can only get this truck from one guy in the world. And it feels cool to be able
to build it for them and knowing it’s such a quality product.