Excellence100 – Professor Lisa Jackson

So for me, I look at risk
and reliability modeling. So if you take a system and
you think about how it might fail, then you want to try to
mitigate against those failures. You most of the time you just get in
your car or you get on a plane you don’t necessarily think of what
happens if it fails, but fundamentally somebody much further
down the line has thought about it because it’s quite good, or very good
team working environment then we’ve been brought together
and I now have some experimental facilities downstairs which really used
to look at failures within fuelcells, but I’m also proud of being
able to tackle new challenges. The University has enabled me the
freedom to actually deviate from what your school or your
department might be doing as research, so I’m able to bring in my mathematical
modeling skills and link with other researchers across the university,
I’ve got some links with the design school for example,
and I’m proud that I’ve now got a group of researchers that are
also interested in the subject so enabling others to hopefully enjoy
what I’ve been doing and taking it the way that
they want to go. I don’t think I will be researching
or applying my research in some of the areas that I do now
if I wasn’t at Loughborough.