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morning I’m Jennifer Wong coming up the industry is aimed to fix a
glaring issue we’ll begin with headlines starting with
breaking news out of Germany former outtie chief executive Rupert’s
toddler who is being investigated for his role in Volkswagens emissions
cheating scandal has been released from custody this according to a Munich Court
he had been in jail since June amid concern he was trying to influence
witnesses earlier this month Volkswagen terminated stylers contract
Scott Tobin Lincoln’s director of product development is leaving the
company after a nearly 30-year career Tobin was a key architect of the luxury
brands turnaround a Ford spokesman confirming the 53 year olds abrupt
departure Monday saying Tobin had elected to retire effective November 1st
Phil Colerain Oh currently Ford’s executive director of North America and
global product programs will replace Tobin on an interim basis now to the
latest batch of earnings reports Auto Nations a third quarter net income rose
on gains in the company’s parts and service used vehicle and finance and
assurance businesses that’s despite a decline in new vehicle gross profit the
dealership group also announced a 50 million dollar strategic investment in
room in online used-car retailer with offices in New York and Houston the
investment gives auto nation in ownership stake of about 7% CEO Mike
Jackson saying quote we will continue to strategically invest in emerging digital
technologies internally and externally as the mobility space is transforming
Auto nations net income increased 15% to 112 million dollars in the quarter a
year earlier quarterly results took a major hit from Hurricane Emma revenue in
2018 s third quarter dipped 1.5 percent to
five point three five billion dollars Honda reported a 40 percent surge in
operating profit in the most recent quarter a more profitable sales mix and
aggressive cost cuts offset foreign exchange losses North America one of
Honda’s biggest profit centers also bolstered the company’s performance
operating profit climbed to one point eight nine billion dollars in the fiscal
second quarter which ended September 30th
net income advanced 21 percent to 1.85 billion and revenue increased one point
seven percent to thirty three point eight billion back to Volkswagen Group
it reported a 19 percent drop in third quarter adjusted operating profit to
three point nine nine billion dollars Vidal B’s performance weighed down by
weaker vehicle sales and headwinds tied to the introduction of more stringent
emissions rules in Europe nonetheless thanks in part to robust results at
Porsche VW reiterated its profit goals for the year other VW developments chief
financial officer Frank Witter says the car maker is open to deeper alliances
with outside companies particularly in the area of autonomous driving Witter
telling reporters VLP wants access to a self-driving system and is speaking with
relevant players adding quote whammo is one of them last week Germany’s manager
magazine said VW Group was exploring a mobility services partnership with the
Google unit have you ever been blinded by another drivers high beams well that
issue could be a thing of the past the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration said this month that it’s considering a dramatic change to the
long-standing rules that govern headlights the change would allow
automakers to install and enable adaptive driving beam headlights on new
cars sold in the you the high-tech headlights use
front-facing cameras to detect other vehicles on the road and shape the
headlight beams away from oncoming drivers in rearview mirrors Nitsa says
the technology has the potential to reduce the risk of crashes by increasing
visibility without increasing glare on most vehicles today it’s up to drivers
to decide when to use high or low beams automakers including Toyota and Audi for
years have urged Nitza to update the headlights standard to accommodate the
high-tech lights and is there Larry Vela quit reports they haven’t sat idly by
Audi for example equipped its redesigned 2019 a8 sedan with adaptive headlights
they use a series of LEDs to shape the light emanating from each headlamp an
Audi spokesman says the feature though will be enabled via a software update
until nitsa decides on its proposed rule the agency is currently seeking comments
on the proposal before an official review and that wraps up today’s
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