Ever driven an electric vehicle?

No, I never have. No. No. I’m still a bit skeptical about electric cars but let’s see. I haven’t driven one. But I think it will be great fun. Oh this is really fun! It’s so quiet. Very quiet. It’s very smooth. It’s very responsive. I think it’s quite torquey. Very easy to drive. Anyone could drive it. I am surprised at how easy it is to drive and how good the power is. You would forget that it’s an electric car. Distance is probably my biggest concern making sure that the charge would last. The 200 odd km’s that you get on a battery so it’s just like filling up with petrol isn’t it really. 230 kilometres is more than what I expected. I’ve heard a lot about the maintenance costs being really low. And the cost of fuelling them is just absolute minimal. Even in my small car it would still work out two and a half times cheaper I guess. Yeah, cheap is good. Yeah it feels really nice knowing that I’m not using any fossil fuels. And yeah I think we need to embrace this technology cos it’s the way forward. I’m enjoying driving it. I am. Yeah I’d really like to take this car home. I can’t see anything that would keep me from buying such a car. I would definitely buy one. Yes I would love to buy one. Awesome!