Ensuring Quality when Welding Plastic Automotive Parts

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors had a
process monitoring need at their Kentucky plant. How could they ensure
quality results when assembling plastic automotive parts using infrared welding
technology? They need this new technique to join large plastic parts with high
strength requirements. Yanfeng uses infrared welds to build defroster grills
for the Ford Escape. Ensuring these SUVs received a strong product meant halting
production for visual quality checks. Too inefficient and too difficult to
guarantee a solid weld. The solution; the FLIR A315 thermal imaging camera, which
can monitor industrial production and provide non-contact, non-destructive
evaluation of heat based processes such as infrared welds. Emitted Energy of Ohio
brought in four A315’s and the software to run them. Now Yanfeng Automotive can
monitor the welding, map heat trends and ensure repeatable quality every time. To
download the entire story, visit FLIR.com/A315.