Engineering – University of Sunderland

Engineering is very much part of
Sunderland’s heritage, the faculty is built on the site of old shipyards where
the Industrial Revolution has revolutionised the world. We are now
blessed with many companies on our doorstep looking for graduates for
technical skills and knowledge to support them with automation, high
precision engineering and manufacturing. We’re offering Bachelor of Engineering
with Honours in the following subjects; manufacturing engineering, mechanical
engineering, electronic and electrical engineering and automotive engineering.
We offer masters courses in technical subjects such as mechanical engineering,
electronic engineering, electronic and electrical engineering and manufacturing
engineering. The facilities are really good, we’ve got loads of good softwares for engineering so we use all sort of work for design. You see software so you like check all the physical
properties of the materials to choose which will be best for what you’re
designing. The lab facilities are really good for doing practicals, there’s good support from technicians as well so there’s always someone to ask questions
if you’re stuck. The University updated or enhanced the labs and the workshop, so I’ve used like the laser cutting machine and the 3D printing machine which is
really really new technology to use. So recently we’ve had around 1 million
pounds spent on the upgrade and it includes simulated manufacturing facility, we
have a mechanic’s lab where we have our students underpinning the theory
that we deliver to them with some labs, experiments and tests. Everything that you would expect to find in an industrial workplace you’ll find here at the MR. Formula
students it’s a team effort every year we produce a car it’s tested against
other universities. It gives you all of the practical application for what you’ve
learnt in the theory of engineering but on top of that it also teaches you
various DIY skills, as well as how the people want to receive your work as an
engineer. For students completing our full BEng courses they are now
accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, which
essentially means that a student beyond graduation can fast track their career
to chartered engineer status. The BEng courses typically last three years,
there’s an option to have a placement year in there which is a year in
industry that makes a three year course into a four year course gives students
valuable experience. I’ve gone on to do an industrial placement year at BAE
Systems Submarines, it’s doing the absolute world of good to go
away into industry for a year it is so worth it and you will get a lot out of it. I did a summer placement over in the United States which was very rewarding
so you’re sort of always progressing as engineering constantly moves forward,
it’s good to know the right people and to find the right skills to also move
forward with the industry. Whatever discipline of engineering or any other
career that you’re going into I think it’s important that young people are
able to differentiate themselves and follow their own interests and their own