Engineering Our Future: UM-Dearborn’s new ELB

You got to be excited about working in an environment that shapes and helps mold the future generations for this
planet. The new Engineering Laboratory building is a renewal of our mission. The project was born from a need from a
great university to have a space that equals the intellectual capital that’s
inside of it. We didn’t say architects give us a building we talked to alumni and had focus groups. We had a lot of people at the table adding input and building consensus along the way. We’re using new ideas but we’re also
preserving the best of the past. A very fundamental idea is flexibility, so labs can grow and shrink very easily they can be swapped out very easily, they
can also be transformed into classrooms just as easily. They will have an environment that students and faculty can imagine they can do anything and it’s to bring industry and the community into the building as well. We also know today that students learn half of everything they know from each other so it’s really important to have gathering spaces and places where faculty can meet informally with students and they can work on projects together and the new
building is designed to allow that. The larger space will allow us to do more
clinically relevant research and allow for sufficient space for student
projects as well. I think the communal area will be great
because will allow us to just collaborate together, right now we don’t really have the ability to. This will help advance their design-build-test element They’re bringing to the industry something with hands-on skills that are going to make them effective engineers and propel them to very successful careers. Having a creative space like we’re generating with the new Engineering Laboratory Building will encourage that kind of creativity. People should care about this project who care about the future of Michigan because this school is going to be a catalyst for helping the industry
continue to develop its capabilities in southeast Michigan It will also influence our industry partners that we’re a place that does creative things. You have engineering students learning to become skilled engineers with not just theoretical principles but the application of those principles. They will want to partner with us and that again will feedback to help our students and faculty. The new ELB building will give opportunity to upcoming students. Show them modern engineering and what a career in modern engineering can be and through that process have an impact on our community. When Chancellor Little visited me I asked him what the most important need was for this campus and
the Chancellor told me that it was completing this facility and raising the
resources necessary to complete it. They’ll have the architecture to go
along with what they have going on on the inside. This would be a source of
pride not only for this campus but for the entire University of Michigan when I
come back to get my master’s degree I’m really excited to be able to use the new
lab space in the new ELB. This new space is designed to encourage creativity and it will open the minds of our students and our faculty and be an excellent
example for our industry that wants to partner with us. So together I think we can do great things!