Engineering at RMIT | RMIT University

Khalid Ismail: I got inspired to be part of
creating something new. Fithriyah Shalihah: The discovery of the electromagnetic
spectrum. Susan Ahmad: The idea of problem solving.
Haydon Hall: I was inspired by the large hadron collider.
Nicolette Gan: It was the moon landing actually. Zoe Anastassiou: The thought controlled bionic
leg. Megan Gaffney: You’ve got the typical great
engineering feats of Hoover Dam. Amalia Athanassopoulos: But at the end of
the day I even find smaller projects pretty interesting. Megan Gaffney: I thought it would give me
an opportunity to back the theoretical knowledge with a really hands on approach.
Fithriyah Shalihah: It’s known for its practical implementation of the theory work.
Nicolette Gan: They’ve also strong connections with the industry. Khalid Ismail: Coming from high school to
uni was a huge jump. Nicolette Gan: My time management.
Susan Ahmad: Picking electives. Haydon Hall: Long nights without sleeping
while studying. Amalia Athanassopoulos: Just meeting new people.
Khalid Ismail: Meeting new friends. Megan Gaffney: Getting to know other students
and lecturers. Fithriyah Shalihah: Seeing your design to
work, what you’ve been working so hard on come to life. Susan Ahmad: Attend all your lectures, they
are important. Khalid Ismail: Make new friends.
Megan Gaffney: Universityís all about having fun, meeting new people and learning about
what you can potentially do in life. Haydon Hall: Get to know where your twenty
four hour computer lab is before you get started. Fithriyah Shalihah: My dream job has always
been to go into space. Haydon Hall: Working in South America on a
mine site. Megan Gaffney: Be working in an Engineering
company with opportunities to go overseas. Zoe Anastassiou: I like engineering because
it can take you anywhere. Amalia Athanassopoulos: You’re trying to
figure out a puzzle, youíre trying to get an answer, youíre trying to find a solution.
Fithriyah Shalihah: Engineering to me in one word is ingenuity .
Haydon Hall: Problem solving. Megan Gaffney: Engineering in one word to
me is solutions. Nicolette Gan: That would be creating.
Zoe Anastassiou: Problem solving. Khalid Ismail: Thereís ups and downs, but
itís always fun. Amalia Athanassopoulos: Because it’s fun.
Haydon Hall: I love what I do because it never gets boring.
Megan Gaffney: I love what I do because it really challenges me.
Khalid Ismail: I get to see new things and I get to do new things.
Fithriyah Shalihah: I love what I do because it makes a real difference.
Zoe Anastassiou: I love what I do because it is constantly changing and pushing the
boundaries of what we know.