ECOBULK Promo Video

Thermoset composite products and materials, also known as FRP, are a challenge for the circular economy. Composites can be lighter, stronger and more resistant than traditional materials, enabling more sustainable solutions. In cars, 10% less weight can result in 6% to 8% less fuel consumption. But FRP composite products are difficult to reuse or recycle, and by 2023, production will reach 108 billion dollars annually. With a 60% landfill rate, that is a huge loss in value. Increasing circularity helps: reusing textiles retains 9.6% of the value versus 0.4% with recycling. ECOBULK is a large-scale demonstration of a design driven circular approach and business model for composite materials and products, with solutions targeting every stage in the lifecycle. ECOBULK is creating a new Circular Design Framework, to help designers and manufacturers consider how products can be used, repaired and refurbished to maintain higher value for longer. Material and energy recovery through
recycling is a last resort. Demonstrations include the automotive, construction and furniture sectors, but the results are applicable to any industry. The new motorsport park KymiRing, under construction in Finland, will use ECOBULK solutions for simple constructions using new circular materials from recycled wood, plastic pipes, packaging, and crushed wind turbine blades. In Italy, new furniture designs will feature
innovative binding methods that avoid toxic substances and use recycled materials that can be reused many times. New modular console parts for cars, made from circular bioplastics, thus avoiding the use of fossil fuels, will show how parts can be easily replaced and refurbished. Follow our progress on our website and social media.