Duplicolor Trim & Bumper Paint Car How-To Overview Tutorial Instructions

All right, well considering we’re almost ready
to paint this car we want to start thinking about what we’re going to do with the trim.
And we came up with a couple of different options because the trim was in such poor
condition, a lot of scratches and scrapes in this trim work. So one of the options that
we have here is use the Dupli-Color trim paint just to basically scuff it down and black
it out, comes out as a satin black finish which will contrast nice with the gloss black
paint job, paint there. Alright I’m going to put a light coat of trim paint, and then
I’m going to let that dry before I go and hit it again. Now the trim paint’s nice because
it’s kind of adhered to this really well and it’s going to block out a lot of those imperfections.
Because we did the metal cast on the other ones, but those were in better shape than
this one is.