Duplicolor Scratch Fix All-in-1 Touch-Up Paint Kit Tutorial Overview How-To

John: Hey, everybody, I’m John. Jim: And I’m Jim. John: Welcome back to Dupli-Color TV. Today
we’re here to show you how to use the new Scratch Fix All-In-1 tool. Jim: That’s right, John. The Scratch Fix All-In-1
tool’s got you covered from top to bottom. You can prep it, paint it, and clear seal
it all in one simple to use tool. The Scratch Fix All-In-1 tool features an abrasive prep
tip that removes loose paint and rust. It also features dual paint applicators, a pen
tip for fine scratches, and a brush for larger chips. Finally, the clear seal well features
an ultra-smooth foam applicator brush that enables you to achieve that perfect factory
finish. To get started we’re going to check for scratches
and chips on this Chevy Camaro here. John: To do this, you can just take a quick
lap around your car to go ahead and assess any damage you’re going to want to repair.
We recommend you do this every 30 days, because that’s going to help you avoid more costly
body shop repairs down the line. I went ahead and went over this car a little bit earlier,
and I found a few scratches that we want to repair. We’re going to show you how to do
this using the Scratch Fix All-In-1 tool. Jim: Now that we have assessed the damage,
the next step is to locate the color code. On some makes and models you can actually
find it under the hood. On others you can find it on the strip inside the door jamb. John: On this particular car, we were able
to locate the color code in the trunk. Now that you have that, you can take that down
to your local auto parts store to find your perfect match. Jim: So we’ve identified this scratch here
on the Camaro’s door panel. We’re going to get started with the Scratch Fix All-In-1
tool, utilizing the prep tip first. Now this abrasive prep tip has a fiberglass construction,
so it’s not going to chip or break, also a beveled edge, flat surface so that you can
really level out some of the rough edges of the affected area, and a finer point so that
you can really dig into the nooks and crannies, getting out that rust, dirt, grime. There’s a little bit of rust here in this
scratch, so I’m going to use the finer edge of this prep tip in a back and forth sweeping
motion, almost like sandpaper, to get that out of there. With the surface area now clean,
we’re moving on to the paint application. For this particular scratch, I’ve chosen the
pinpoint control pen applicator. The spring loaded action in this applicator allows for
maximum control and flow of the paint to the surface. The ergonomic design provides comfort
and control during the application. So we’ve let our paint dry for 30 minutes
now. Time to hit it with a clear finish topcoat. Holding the All-In-1 tool upright from the
silver base, twist for a clear seal foam brush applicator. Now it’s just a simple apply. So we just knocked out the scratch on the
door panel with the pen tip. We’ve moved up here to the hood to take a look at some of
the chips here. We’re going to follow the same procedure as we did with the door. We’ve
already taken the liberty here to prep this with the abrasive prep tool to clean out some
of the dust and debris here, come back, hit that with a little bit of the rubbing alcohol
to remove some of the wax and grease. Now we’re going to hit it with the tapered brush. So we’ve let the paint level off and dry here
for 30 minutes up on the hood. We’re going to come back now and hit it with the clear
finish topcoat. So we just finished the touch-up on the Camaro. It was easy with the Scratch
Fix All-in-1 tool. The only product on the market today that allows you to prep it, paint
it, and seal it, all in one tool for that perfect factory finish. John: And as a reminder, make sure to take
a lap around your car every 30 days just to check for any new damage. And make sure you
have your vehicle’s color code for that perfect color match. And for more information, visit
duplicolor.com. Jim: Yes you can, in your garage, with Dupli-Color.