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In this segment we’re gonna talk about Metal
Specks, one of our newer products. Metal Specks takes off something that we used
to make which was an old metal flake where we had a lot of large metallic-looking flakes
like you’d see on an old dune buggy, and we basically put new technology in there. New glass beads, a lot of different micas
and metallics to give it a real shimmering effect when you go outside. We offer it in five colors: ocean Blue, we
have a sparkle silver, a shimmering green, a retro red. And then what we’re going to spray today is
a Burnt Copper and what we’re gonna spray it on is this old retro-looking motorcycle
helmet. Now we’ve got our helmet all taped up, all
the trim pieces. We’ve got a nice piece of paper in here, so
we’re not gonna get any paint down in there. We’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna wipe
our surface off with a prep wipe. A lot of helmets, objects like this, as I
said in some of the other segments are plastic or molded out of some sort of plastic piece,
and when you have plastic you always have maybe a mold release agent at the factory. So, that and coupled with all the fact that
this has probably been touched by I don’t know how many people coming from a factory
and the store level, you never know what’s on their hands, any kind of contaminants,
greases, so hitting it with a prep wipe like such. And then what you wanna do is you wanna get
a nice clean white cloth, and just wipe that off real good. It takes the contaminants off there. So they’re not just sinking back into the
film of the project. So we’ll wipe that off for a second. Let that flash off and dry real quick, and
then I’ll just hit it with the tack cloth and we’ll be ready to spray our project. I’m gonna spray some adhesion promoter on
there. Got my safety goggles and my mask on. The adhesion promoter will give it a nice
tackiness to accept the color. A couple nice light coats will be perfect. Remember to hit this with a tack cloth, I
just did that a minute ago. Get any kind of dust off of there first. We’ll let that set up for a minute. I’ll come back put one more quick small coat
on there, and then we’ll be ready for our color. Now we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna put
our orange Metal Specks on here. You notice the valve on this is not the Dan
Vern [SP] Valve but it is a fan spray. The reason that being is when you use a Dan
Vern Valve the dip tube, the tube that goes down in the can has a real small orifice on
it. This, because of the giant particles we put
in there, needs a bigger orifice size for that, so even though we put a fan sprayer
on there, it’s not the Dan Vern but it comes out real nice. You’ll like the effect that it gives you. I’ll go ahead and put a light coat on here. I’ll probably put a good three coats on this. Make sure I work all the way around my project
evenly. We’ll come back in a minute, we’ll put another
coat on that.