DRIVEN 2018: Perodua Myvi vs Proton Iriz vs Kia Picanto – review in Malaysia

Hi everyone, Driven is back, powered by PETRONAS Primax! This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for,
featuring the new Perodua Myvi We’ve already reviewed this car in full detail when
it was first launched late last year In short it’s a massive, massive improvement
over the old model But the question is, should this really be the default small car for all Malaysians? We’ve lined up two of its closest rivals to settle it
once and for all The Proton Iriz was designed from the get-go as Proton’s
answer to the all-popular Myvi While it has completely missed the mark in terms
of sales, we think it’s still one of Proton’s best products to date, and it’s
going to be interesting to see how the latest Refined version stacks up against
Perodua’s new Myvi The second alternative isn’t from a Malaysian brand but from Kia. The all-new Picanto may be from a smaller class but it packs a lot of
impressive features into its small frame and the best part is, it’s priced to go
head-on with the two local models As for the Myvi there isn’t really much left
that hasn’t been said It’s already raking up the sales with Malaysians
buying them by the thousands every month Now that many buyers can’t be wrong, can they? Trust me, this is going to be the definitive video if you’re choosing between these three cars We’ll be comparing all the vital aspects from
performance, ride and handling, practicality, refinement, safety, specs as
well as quality Of course, the all-important detail which is how much
these cars cost when you go to the fuel pumps will be answered as well.
Everything you’ll ever need to know about these three cars you’ll find out
today So Matt, take it away! Well guys, I’ve been dying to say this.
Welcome to Driven 2018 – now cue the music The third-generation Myvi is all new
inside and out, giving the nameplate a fresh new image since the 2005 original.
The winning formula hasn’t changed much so it’s still a practical, dependable and
most importantly affordable car for many Malaysians The top spec 1.5 Advance model with all the bells and whistles is priced at a
reasonable RM55,300 That’s less than the old one The Iriz 1.6 Premium meanwhile is a
little bit more expensive at RM56,950 The car
Proton launched in 2014 was certainly a head-turner but crucially it was flawed
in many areas so it wasn’t the game changer the company had hoped it would be It has taken Proton a long time to
perfect its Myvi fighter but it has now been significantly refined under the skin Believe it or not, the Kia Picanto is the most affordable car here at RM49,888 Now in its third generation the
Picanto hasn’t grown by much but it has matured into a much more
accomplished product with a more mainstream appeal Like the Iriz, there’s
high hopes placed on this model as it’s supposed to account for 50% of Kia’s
total sales in Malaysia Now as usual we’ll start off with looks. 99.9% of the design of the Myvi was done locally and I love what they’ve come up with.
I like the body kit and I also like the design of the 15-inch wheels, but there’s
one thing that I don’t get, which is the lack of LED DRLs – now even the highest
spec model doesn’t come with it If I was a designer, designing a car for the
Malaysian local market, I would definitely have them on. But maybe Perodua
is keeping them for the facelift model Now the overall good looks continues to
the back, especially with this integrated rear spoiler and the wide bumper inserts,
but there is one thing though the body kit, which comes with the car does not
extend to the rear bumper The Iriz, well, it looks just like the older Iriz, save for
new black highlights on the roof, here as well as on the grille, which also gets a
nice 3D Proton emblem Well it’s just too bad Proton
didn’t give this a proper visual facelift In terms of looks, I don’t think
the Iriz is particularly eye-catching but you know what they say, beauty is in
the eye of the beholder But I must say one thing though, now that
the Myvi has dropped its tall hatchback proportions for a more modern and matured
look, kinda makes this car looked a little bit outdated don’t you think? On looks alone, the Kia Picanto would be my pick because it just looks so funky and fresh
and the LED DRLs look absolutely gorgeous here.
One more thing, the colour options available on this car is a lot more interesting than
the other two cars. But on the other hand it’s kind of spoiled by this whole
low-spec look of it with the small wheels and body coloured door pillars. As for the back, well, it really does remind you of the Perodua Axia, doesn’t it? But on the inside there’s no mistaking this for a Perodua because it just looks so unique.
The Picanto may look low spec on the outside but it doesn’t from inside here
because of this big touchscreen And other than the fact that the side aircon
vents feel a little bit cheap to operate the rest of the cabin has impressive
build quality, especially for the money It’s all hard plastics of course. I mean
you’d have to be dreaming to expect any sort of soft touch here, but the fit and
finish feels far better than the other two local cars And the leather steering
wheel especially which i think is very very important because it’s the only
thing you touch all day, feels of a higher quality compared to the other two cars If there’s one complaint, it’s this
fabric seats, but then again I think good fabric is much better than fake leather Well the leather on the Myvi is not so bad but I do feel that the steering wrap, well it
could have been done better but overall the design of the dashboard is very nice.
I feel that it’s the best dashboard design that Perodua has ever come up with and at
the center area over here it’s a bit more driver focused and the dual layered
design gives it a bit of a modern touch Personally I don’t really like this airbag
cutout over here – it kind of looks out of place But there’s good reason for it –
now if let’s say you get into an accident and the airbag deploys, after
that you need to replace the entire airbag and
you only need to change this area of the dashboard You don’t need to change the
entire dashboard which can be very expensive Now overall considering
everything in terms of quality I feel it’s very decent at the price point and
if you compare it with the Proton I feel it’s better too. Ah yes, Proton build quality
It’s actually not as bad as you think here and it is definitely better than
older Proton models The textured plastic they use here look alright and
it doesn’t feel too cheap if you touch on them hard But the thing is it’s
still not as polished as the Myvi and especially the Picanto, and if you look
hard enough you’re gonna find a few misaligned panels As for the design
itself I honestly think it’s alright there’s a newfound sense of symmetry
which I like and you know the all-black scheme here looks much better than all
the Persona’s half-black, half-grey approach Now for the seats itself I
think it’s one of the best Proton has made There’s enough lumbar support and
thigh support but I think larger individuals are gonna find it a little
bit too cosseting. On the bright side you’ve got Martini racing stripes
How cool is that? Now let’s talk about the rear
accommodation, and I’ve got to tell you that the Myvi wins in this department.
The legroom is the biggest and the center hump over here it’s also small
and very less intrusive and the best part of everything, which is something
that I really love, is this – you can recline the backrest The proton is
definitely smaller in the back here with just about enough legroom for adults but
then again it has shapelier, more comfortable seats which can be very
crucial for long distance journeys and it’s definitely better than the Myvi’s flat
bench As for the Picanto, well there’s no escaping the fact that it’s from a whole class smaller – it’s really really tight back here and it’s also far narrower
than the other two, so you can forget about fitting three adults in the back.
As for the seats themselves, I’ve had flat park benches that are more
comfortable than than this This lack of space continues to the boot too – rated a t255 litres It’ll fit no more than one big bag and the load
lip is unnaturally high too Surprisingly however, this is not the smallest boot here That inglorious honour falls to the
Iriz with just 215 litres of space In the real world, it’s not as tiny as it
sounds, and you can always fold the rear seats for extra space. But if you want to
travel with 5 on board plus all their luggage, this isn’t the car for you And that’s precisely where the Myvi comes in With 277 litres it has the largest boot
here with the widest and deepest cargo bay by far – simply put if practicality is
your biggest concern, get the Perodua Myvi Now there are more reasons to get the
Perodua Myvi. For example the 1.5 litre Dual VVT-i engine that’s positioned up
front. It is not the exact same engine that’s found in Toyota Vios, but
it’s from the same family and in fact it’s built in the same place in Seremban.
If you drive this car back to back with the old one you’ll notice that this
is a much smoother car to drive Especially the 1.5 litre engine, it feels
stronger and driving past the national speed limit, it’s not a problem, it
doesn’t feel like it’s going out of breath and it’s also a big improvement
compared to the 1.3 litre as well Compared to the other two here, the Myvi
1.5 falls in the middle in terms of engine outputs It makes 102 hp
and 136 Nm of torque while the Proton’s bigger 1.6 litre motor
offers 107 hp and 150 Nm of torque The 1.2 litre Picanto
is naturally the weakest one here with just 83 hp and 122 Nm All that translates directly into actual performance We recorded a 0-100 km/h time of
11.3 seconds for the Iriz, which is slightly quicker compared to 11.5
seconds for the Myvi with a 13.5-second time, the Picanto is a whole two
seconds behind the two more powerful cars So yes the Iriz is the fastest car here.
Say what you want about Proton’s CamPro engines but this latest VVT version is
actually pretty good All the vibration from before is mostly gone now and it
feels really good when you plant your foot down Some of you may or may not
want to believe this, but Protons engines aren’t as old-school as some of
you might have been led to believe Its power advantage more than makes up for
the extra weight which in this case is nearly 200 kg more than the
Myvi and Picanto But the good news is you don’t really
feel it from behind the wheel 13.5 seconds may feel like an
absolutely eternity getting from 0-100 km/h But I’ll tell you what, the
Kia Picanto doesn’t feel all that slow It helps that it’s the lightest car here,
dipping under one tonne, so even with just a 1.2 litre engine it does not feel all
that underpowered like how the Perodua Axia does. Unless you compare these three cars
back-to-back you will not feel the power deficit of the
Kia Picanto – I mean none of these three cars are performance cars anyway so they
don’t have to feel like a GTI to drive As a city car, the Kia Picanto is more
than powerful enough One big advantage for the Kia is its transmission – it may
only have a four-speed automatic but it’s the best one here. It up shifts very
very smoothly, far better than the Myvi and as soon as you flick your right foot
down, it reacts very quickly with the downshift and off you go. There’s very
little of that lag, annoying delay that you get in the other cars.
I’ve always maintained that having a 4-speed auto there’s nothing wrong with that, as long
as it’s done right and this is the perfect example of that.
I mean yeah it sounds a little bit lame just having four speeds but if it works it works Now the 4-speed automatic in this Myvi is not as good. It hasn’t changed much really compared to the original Myvi from 13 years ago.
The performance is a bit old-school it’s a bit clumsy, for example if you’re driving
uphill it tends to hold gear longer than it should or when you are driving
and you give it a bit more gas it tends to downshift roughly to a lower
gear and high revs. And overall when you compare it with the four-speed automatic
on the Kia Picanto, it is not as smooth So where does that leave the Iriz with
its Punch CVT then? Well it’s hard to say really because on one hand it’s a
massive, massive improvement over the older model – you no longer get a
1.5 second delay when you want to accelerate but it’s down to half a
second now so it’s much quicker and much more responsive as well. But on the other hand
it’s not as direct or immediate as a conventional automatic.
A lot of people seem to think that CVTs are more modern than torque converters, but
in this case I much rather prefer the four-speed automatic over this any day
of the week On the bright side, the Iriz still has the best ride and
handling package here which is expected of Proton, really. It’s a real joy to drive
especially through the corners This steering wheel itself might be
electrically-assisted and might be a little bit too big for my liking but hey
it has the best feel in this group Simply put, if you enjoy driving, the Iriz
is the only car here that’s actually any fun to drive Now the thing is, fun
driving may be important to people like you and me – enthusiasts. But for your
everyday driver, all you want is a car that’s reliable for you to drive from
point A to point B and the Perodua Myvi does that perfectly well. So overall it
is not a car that you can have a lot of fun with when you’re driving behind the
wheel but if you’re just like any other driver, it’s perfectly fine and Perodua
knows this well! The Picanto falls right in between the other two cars –
it’s not as enjoyable to drive as the Iriz not by a long shot, but on the other hand it’s
not as numb as the Myvi either And it strikes a really good middle ground I
think and the way it handles will impress pretty much everybody whether
you like driving or not It just feels so effortless, so secure, so nimble and yet
so relaxing to drive Better yet is just how comfortable the Kia is.
This may only be an A-segment hatch but it has the best ride here. It’s the only one to
have that coveted big car feel especially in the way it handles low
speed bumps It doesn’t rock you about so much, it
just stays solid and stable As far as ride comfort is concerned,
this is nothing short of outstanding! Now as much as we would like to talk
about our two local car makers have reached global standards, the difference
in ride here really proves otherwise Basically our two B-segment hatchbacks
can’t even match a true world-class A-segmenter that is the Kia Now it’s not to say that the Perodua Myvi is not a comfortable car, because it is In fact to most drivers they would find this
perfectly acceptable The thing is it has
a bit of a stiff suspension setup but the bump absorption is good and it’s
better than the previous model Overall, it is a more controlled car but the
thing is when you compare it against the Kia Picanto
it feels like it’s one class below where technically, it’s supposed to be the
other way around The Proton Iriz fares slightly better in this aspect as the ride feels a little bit more sophisticated than the Myvi. It’s not as great as the
Picanto though, which is a shame but it’s still impressive in its own right.
Those who have never tried or sat in any Protons before should really experience
it yourself to see how far Proton has come What I’m most impressed about this car is its refinement The older car was loud –
you know you can hear the engine, the transmission drone and the vibration it
was just reverberating throughout the entire car But all that’s gone now because the
engineers have revised the positions of the engine mountings and it also has a
brand new exhaust system You’d be surprised by how all these
little things make the cars so much better In fact we measured that the Proton is the quietest car here under full throttle as
we recorded a maximum noise level of just 71 dB compared to 72 dB
for the Kia Picanto and 77 dB for the Myvi Now who would have guessed that? Peroduas having a vocal engine is more like a brand characteristic now but
having said that it is still significantly better than the previous
model and when it comes to idling it is still quieter than the Proton as well
because it does not have a loud fan Now Malaysian traffic being the way it is,
that counts for a lot! The Kia meanwhile, is even quieter still at idle – we recorded a maximum of 43 dB at a standstill That’s a full 5 dB less than the Iriz and 3 dB
under the Myvi If you understand sound levels, that’s a big difference!
The same story goes for a steady cruise too We recorded a maximum of 69 dB for this car
at 110 km/h, while the other two cars are slightly louder at 71 dB.
Combine that with this car’s impressive ride and surprise, surprise, the cheapest, smallest
car here is the most refined most comfortable car in this group! To measure fuel economy, we tested the cars with PETRONAS Primax, the Winning Formula that keeps the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport Team winning time and time again Designed to deliver on track and on the road, this is truly advanced Formula 1
engineering, available at the nearest PETRONAS station Over everyday driving
conditions, the Proton Iriz averaged 12.4 km/litre Surprisingly the smaller and lighter Kia
Picanto only faired marginally better at 13.6 km/litre Best of all was the Perodua Myvi which managed to return 14.3 km/litre, or a good 15% better than the Iriz Alright, before we wrap up, we’re
gonna take a look at each other’s cars to see the five things that we like or
don’t like about them. Matt’s gonna start with the Kia Picanto first, so do
your worst, man! Right, let’s do this! I think it’s a shame that we don’t get
this sportier GT-line package because that looks so much better and the
optional Novus body kit that we get is not.. it’s not nice because it’s
really ugly But it does get full Apple CarPlay and
Android Auto support, making it the cheapest car in Malaysia to get this.
I think that’s awesome Too bad though that there’s only one USB
charging port available and it’s the only car here that doesn’t offer any for
the rear passengers On the flipside it is the only one of the lot to come with
rear disc brakes. Now I know it’s not gonna do much in terms of stopping power
for a car this size but it does look nice, right? And lastly, the warranty.
All three cars here come with five years warranty but
only Kia offers it with unlimited mileage The other two on the other hand
are limited to 150,000 km Now as part of the 2017
refinement updates, Proton removed quite a few things, one of them being automatic
headlights. Why? Now on to the inside, the steering wheel feels a little bit too big, so it gives you that feeling that it is not nimble Now Proton has also
upgraded the instrument panel, giving it a new design but the numbering on the
meters – they are a bit too small so if you are looking at it while driving at a
quick glance, you might miss it Still, I’ll pick the Proton Iriz when it
comes to crash safety – one of the reasons behind that is a material called hot press
forming (HPF). Now this material is used at certain sections of the car to make it
stronger when it comes to a crash The other reason is that the Proton Iriz
comes with something called impact-sensing door locks which will
automatically unlock the car in case you get into a crash, so it’s easier for you
to get out of the car all to be taken out All three cars have six airbags and
electronic stability control all as standard But the Myvi is the only one to
have autonomous emergency braking (AEB) Yes, it may only work at up to 30 km/h but hey
it’s better than nothing right? The downside is, having cameras right
there does mean that if you do need to replace the whole windscreen, you have to
bring it back to Perodua to recalibrate them So guys, please check windscreen
coverage for your car insurance What I do love is the built-in SmartTAG
reader complete with a balance display and a top-up reminder – I think that’s
genius! What’s not so great is the Eco Idle start/stop system.
Yes it can save you a little bit of fuel here and there but having the engine turn on and off
all the time can get really annoying really quickly. It’s the first thing that
I turn off when I get into the car Last but not least, the Myvi is the only one
to give you a full-size spare tyre instead of space savers and not only
that, you also get a full-size alloy wheel Now that’s convenient! Okay boys time to pick a winner. So at the beginning of the video we asked the question Should the Myvi be the default choice for all Malaysians? Well, the answer is not so simple Our take is, it should not be your only option because
there are alternatives – two very good ones, actually The Kia Picanto especially may
only be an A-segmenter but it still manages to offer the best refinement,
best ride comfort and build quality The same goes for the Proton Iriz as well – it
may not be brand new but the 2017 update actually made it a significantly better
car than it was before. Plus it handles the best in this group no doubts about
that! So where does that leave the Perodua Myvi?
Well that’ll be on top of our list Now the Perodua Myvi deserves every bit
of its success because it is a big leap forward for Perodua. Now at the end of
the day, good looks and fun handling well that caters to a certain group of
people only. With the Perodua Myvi, you have very good fuel economy, you have
ample space and you have Perodua’s very dependable brand image, which caters to
everyone else right? So for all that, the Perodua Myvi is the best, most complete car here So where does that leave the other two cars, Matt? Well as much as I
like the Iriz, I think it’s really starting to show its age right here
especially if you put it against these two It’s still very much a relevant option
for you to consider if you enjoy driving but for those of you who want to get
from point A to point B, these two are the better options.
Yep so the Kia Picanto falls in between the two local cars. It may be very small
inside but it’s still a very good option I think for youngsters who want to be
different. And let’s not forget it’s the cheapest car here! So it’s settled then – the Myvi comes out on top, but don’t discount the other two I hope you’ve
enjoyed watching this episode of Driven powered by PETRONAS Primax.
Thank you so much for watching We will see you in the next one!