DRAG RACE: Lamborghini Huracán Performante vs Indian Navy MiG-29k | Autocar India

on the auto car show today an extremely
high performance machine now when we talk about high performance you can’t
get any higher than that that’s the Indian Navy’s make 29k Indian Navy
fighter pilots have the best job in the world they fly the mig-29k
a carrier-based fighter that’s nothing short of a demon in the air crazy thing
is that 29k is also insanely fast on the ground it has to be the aircraft carrier
deck it has to get off is only 190 or 200 meters long and it has to get to 200
kids before it can lift off that Scylla the launch sequence is fascinating to
watch the engines got a full trust and then the restraining blocks are dropped time taken seven or eight seconds and
that’s seriously quick for something that weighs 20 tons but where does it
get all that performance from and how it is the 29k the carrier-based version
different from the normal one let’s start with the important bit so we had
the business end of the McGrady 9k and what you see are the two kilo of oddly
33m engines that put out 20,000 pounds of thrust each this device here that’s
arrestor hook that’s what catches the wire when the aircraft hits the deck to
slow it down other differences are these huge massive t neurons and flaperons are
there to slow down the aircraft so it can land easily on the deck and also for
that Smackdown deck landing is this kind of undercarriage it’s absolutely orbit
it’s almost twice the size of a normal fighter jet carrier landings are
definitely not for the faint-hearted but let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth
this is captain Porter the man in the make the a cup lands at the speed of
about 270 km pH we have to land with an accuracy of a few meters the carrier is
moving it is rolling it is pitching it is going and your aircraft is also
getting affected by the winds this clearly is a job for adrenaline
junkies and the best bit is all you need to do to fly is sign up to be a naval
fighter pilot to keep the make pace we’ve enlisted the help of an extremely
special car the 640 horsepower Lamborghini Huracan
performant in the key stats here are a 0-200 time of just 2.9 seconds and what makes this an even benefit is
that this car has a le or active aerodynamics now ideally it would have been perfect
to run the aircraft and the car on the Indian Navy’s shore based test facility
where the Navy has built a replica of an aircraft carrier on the ground
but while the mik can get onto the ramp and exit into the blue there’s no space
for the car to have a free run as a result we decide to use the main runway
and the parallel taxiway but here are two there are a few difficulties for one
the Mik isn’t using its launch control system or hydraulic restraining blocks
and that means the turbines take their own sweet time to make power so the
aircraft is a long way down the runway before it really starts going quick and
then just as a make starts getting into its stride I have to get on the brakes
in the Lambo the parallel taxiway just isn’t long enough after lots of
deliberation and calculations and a lot of butterflies in my stomach we decide
to run on the main runway to make on the left and me in the Lambo on the right honestly I don’t know what to be more
freedom the trust from those nozzles the heat from the afterburners or the wake
turbulence to make it more of an even contest we decided to give each other a
sporting chance the make won’t be using its launch
control so I won’t use the Lambos either and since the trust from the turbines
take their own time coming in I’ll wait till regular trust comes in – I mean
commencing run the final run the passenger in the seat next to me is the
bases commander flying Rohit Gupta he’s my link to the air traffic control
as we line up I have to stay away from the exhaust nozzles of the 2019 as it
turns to get into position then I crawl it Hotel rotates the make and does a
vertical jolly flat out the 29k can do two thousand two hundred kilometers
enough we just can’t keep up with that once in the air there’s just no
comparison and then to celebrate he executes a low pass at around a hundred
feet and seven hundred kilometers an hour driving a supercar elevates you to
another dimension but can you imagine the thrill of high in trend and the make
must deliver we often told we had the best jobs in the world but Navy fighter
pilots they truly are a breed apart what a privilege