Dorman Replacement Parts Review

What’s up guys! Greg here from
and welcome back to the shop! And in today’s video I have myself surrounded
by all sorts of different automotive repair parts. Because as much as we love
modifying and customizing cars and trucks it’s also important to keep them
running problem-free. So in this video I wanted to showcase a line of repair
parts from one of the best brands in the automotive aftermarket – Dorman. But
before we dive right into the insane amount of different repair parts that I
have with me today let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about the team over at
Dorman. And needless to say their resume is quite impressive.
Now Dorman has been in business since 1918. Which is incredible because at that
point in time the automobile as we know it was still evolving. But since then
Dorman has stuck to their core values. Now they understand that for most of us
your car is going to be the second largest expense that you own. So they made it
their sole mission to design and manufacture high quality automotive
repair parts at a price that anyone can afford. But before we go any further
there are two major points that I do want to make about Dorman’s line of
parts. Now first many of these parts are labeled with Dorman’s trademark phrase
OE solutions. Now that’s going to tell you that Dorman has gone out of its way
to engineer and manufacture parts that you might think are only available at
dealerships when in fact Dorman has them in the aftermarket at prices more
favorable than what you’d pay at the dealer. Second Dorman has an innovative
process they use called OE fix. Now this is any Dorman engineered part that
either corrects unknown failure in an OE part allows quicker installation or just
allows the failed component to be replaced instead of the entire assembly.
Now the great news for you is you get a better part that’s easier to install,
that costs less money. That’s what I call a win-win. So now that you know a little
bit more about the team over at Dorman let’s go ahead and get right into some
of the replacement parts that they have to offer. And let me just say it is a
long list which is a good thing. Now Dorman offers just about everything
that you could possibly need for your vehicle when it comes to an OE repair
part. They literally offer parts for every single system on your car. The
variety is so extensive that there is no way that I can touch on every single
category. So instead I’m just going to touch on only a few today just to give all of
you an over idea of what they offer. Now let’s kick
things off of the electrical repair parts. This is probably the largest
category in Dorman’s catalog and in my opinion this is the one of the reasons
that they’re so well known. Their electrical repair parts inventory is
extensive to say the least. They offer anything from multifunction steering
column switches to full window switch panels, various relays and even the
control modules that your vehicle needs to run flawlessly. Dorman also offers a
slew of remanufactured parts like electronic gauge clusters, dashboard
information display units and even full remanufactured hybrid batteries. But guys
Dorman’s electrical repair parts catalog is just one product line that they offer.
This team also has a full line of replacement suspension components as
well. They offer specially parts like this air shock that I have with me today
which is incredibly common a slew of different GM vehicles. And even full
replacement coil springs for those of you suffering from rusted out broken
spring. And the list goes on and on to a full line of quality driveline and
transmission parts. Maybe your drive shafts busted beyond repair – well the
Dorman can help you with a replacement. Or you rebuilding the differential in
your car and maybe you want to upgrade to a taller or shorter set of gear. Well, Dorman also has a full line of ring and pinion sets. Guys it gets so specific
that they even have the identical shifter that goes on the inside of your
car and a replacement clutch master cylinder also. But what about the heart
of the vehicle. Its engine. Well, Dorman can help you there also. They offer all
sorts of engine parts anything from the basics like this engine oil pan or
throttle body assembly to ancillary system parts like this exhaust manifold
coolant tank reservoir, fuel pump and even turbocharger cartridges. Guys Dorman
even offers a full line of emissions repair parts and even full headlight and
taillight assemblies. But enough about the selection what I really love about
every single line of parts that Dorman has to offer is the quality and price.
Now like I mentioned at the start of this video – Dorman is immersed in the
repair industry. They know all the common problems and faults of specific
manufacturer parts. And the fact that they take the time to engineer their
parts to not only correct those issues but also to outlast the OEM parts it
just speaks volumes to me. But the price point on these pieces is also incredibly
impressive. You’re essentially buying a part that’s
engineered to an equal or greater quality level than your factory OE parts
for loads less than the dealer. So to me it really doesn’t make any sense to even
bother what the manufacturer. Well everyone that’s going to wrap up my review
today of Dorman’s extensive line of OE repair parts. So if your vehicle is in
need of a little TLC or you’re searching for an alternative to buying parts at
the dealer head over to right now entering your vehicles year make and
model and find out if Dorman will have the right repair part for your car.
And as always I’m Greg from and I will see you guys next time.