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Coming to you live from beautiful Los Angeles, CA. I’m James Pumphrey with Donut Media. Here with FD driver and American drift pioneer, Ryan “The Cobra Man” Tuerck. Hey, Ryan. Good morning, buddy. Hi. How you doing buddy? Hold on, just got to drop a Snapchat quick. Drift pioneer. We’re here to answer your questions about drift cars. Certain Toyota’s with Ferrari motors in them, and all kinds of other stuff. Where are these comments, questions coming from? Or going to? How are we reading them? Um. Well I’ve got some in the bank right now. Ok. Then they’re going to come from you! And then let’s take some calls. If you want to talk to us on the phone call, D-O-N-U-T-M-E. Donut me. So should we jump into it? Start answering You can’t look. But you don’t have questions. You need answers to the questions, they’re my answers. Yeah, you’ve got answer them. So I could see it? Why am I here if I’m not reading the questions? You are reading the questions.- Ok Fine. Alright this is not going- Read a question. Alright, fine dude. AJ Rossiter he wants to know: How does the anti-lag system on the gt86 work? What role does the MoTeC system play in operating the anti-lag system? Umm, that’s a tough one to explain. Yeah, right off the bat, a really cool one. Thanks Rossiter. Man, coffee has not even kicked in yet. Some real tech stuff. Alright. So, the MoTeC M1 50 has a map that you can tune anti-lag with, you can just switch it on and then tune that. But it only sustains really about 5 PSI off throttle. Which is not a significant amount that we’re looking for. We’re looking for full boost pressure, which is like 30 PSI. So, Nanos Performance made a system that’s called a fresh air by-pass system to make that work. That’s tight. Everybody with me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, basically the compressor surge air when you let off the throttle. Gets re-routed back into the turbine housing which makes a better oxygenated environment to be able to add more fuel, retire the timing more, and make bigger explosions in the turbo basically to keep the boost pressure high. And, what we were able to do. Mhmm. Was sustain more boost pressure off-throttle than we actually run on-throttle. Oh that’s quite impressive. So we run like 32 PSI of anti-lag boost pressure off the throttle. And we actually only run about 28-29 PSI of boost pressure on the throttle. Because, the turbo is basically maxed out, and if we overspin the wheel then we’re just going to blow the seals in the center section. The anti-lag also — a lot of people think it’s going to blow turbos out. But since drifting has relatively short laps,
short run-times. You know, 30-40 second laps max. We are not going over the EGT threshold to damage the turbo. So, theoretically we could have a turbo for the entire season. We just change it out, um, just because, you know? Routine maintenance throughout the off-season. Right on. That’s why it goes, ‘clack, clack,
clack, clack’. It makes all the explosions. Yeah, it’s gnarly sounding. Um, cool. Any tips. Julian S. Sarey, I hope you’re out the Jul-ian. Jules. Anybody call you Jules? Um, wants to know if you have any tips for new coming drifters? He’s looking into Pro-Am there in Seattle Cool. He or she. Definitely really good scene out there. A lot of good people driving and drifting. A lot of people to pull experience from and
ask about drifting tips in general. I would say, there’s no substitute for experience and seat time behind the wheel. I know there’s quite a bit of events out there, so I would just do as much driving as you can. Limit your upgrades on your car to what your capabilities are, and your skill level. You don’t want to over-do it and spend money on a big turbo to make big power where that money could be going to entry fees, travel, tires and everything else to be able to the seat time that you need to step it up to the next level. Tight, dude. Keegan Thacker says, ‘Saw you at gridlife,
Ryan. Best drifter out there. Keep it up.’ Thanks, bro. Appreciate it. What happened to your New England accent? [Laughs] Well, when you. I don’t even know. I mean
what happened to it? I don’t know. When you start traveling a lot, and you start
hanging out with a bunch of people from LA, who apparently don’t have accents they just say a bunch of weird words. It goes away. Yeah, I’m from Kentucky, I don’t have an accent
anymore. Yeah. That’s what I mean. Once you start seeing the world, you just
like change your perspective. [Laughs] All of a sudden your like. And then what just, you just wake up one day. Yeah, you become a child of the world. Your no longer from where your from. You know? You meet all kinds of people. It just happens man. Right! Alright, so you’re backing up my Yeah, I’m with you for sure. Ok, my theories. Here’s one from a lady. She loves watching new episodes of Tuerck’d, what made you decide to start doing Tuerck’d? Well, I had all of these ideas. I was sponsored by Red Bull quite a few years ago and I had all these ideas, because you know, being sponsored by Red Bull and their brand and what they were about. It was about doing cool, crazy stuff. So I had a bunch of ideas and I tried to present it to them, but for some reason they didn’t want to do anything. So that was a bit disappointing, and then
my manager Jacob, who’s also the producer on Tuerck’d, met somebody at Network A and it was a perfect time to, you know? Come up with a little deck and present it
to them with all these ideas. And that’s kind of, they kind of took a chance on us. They had not done any motorsports or four wheel car, auto stuff. So it worked out. Network A? Network A. Yeah, at the time. So the first season was a huge hit – and it’s just, I wanted like the skateboard style, or just the lifestyle of what I always wanted to do with car and have fun with. It’s just the competition is such a grind, and so much work put into it that for you to keep doing that. I’ve been it, drifting for thirteen years now, there needed to be another outlet and that is usually grass-roots events and just going and having fun with your homies. And having more of a cool-fun, low-pressure vibe than a high intensity stressful environment, pressure to perform situation that competition brings. Yeah. Chace Lehey wants to know: Boxers or briefs? Briefs. Tight. Tight briefs. Tight, the tightest briefs. Ok, jesus. We’ve got a lot of questions. What do we got? Why did you choose a carbon fiber helmet over traditional? Is there a considerable advantage to having carbon fiber, or is it more of a personal preference? No, it’s carbon fiber is lighter. So there’s less weight on your head, which inevitably I guess, less strain on your neck. Good for your neck? -Yeah. Not that helmets are super heavy, but carbon fiber just looks bad ass. Dude, carbon fiber is lit. -So lit. This dude is like, ‘carbon fiber is stronger
dude’. It also is in most cases. In some cases. Not all cases. Dude from Spain wants to know, what do you think of the 2JZ versus RB26. I don’t know. I mean, you’re a JZ guy. I guess, yeah. But I like both engines, they’re super rad. They both have big power capability. The only thing that the Toyota engine has over the Nissan is that you can born-stroke it to a bigger displacement. Well, don’t quote me on this, I’m not an RB expert but I think you can go to 3.0, or 3.2 for the RB. I haven’t seen anything bigger than that. And, for the JZ most stroker kits are generally 3.4 liter and then there’s even some 3.5 or 3.6 maybe? I don’t know, don’t quote me on that. Well, we don’t have to you’re on. Don’t quote me on that. What was the first car that you ever drifted? First car I ever drifted would be a Mustang. Really? Yeah. – V6. -1990. 1990 LX 5.0. -Fox body. -Yeah. Notch back, or? – No could not afford the
notch back. Those were super sick, and pricier than the piece of crap that had Bondo and half a paint job on it that I had. You call it half a paint job, I call it a
livery. [Laughs] How did you like the drift event in Montreal? I love it, it’s definitely my favorite event
of the year so far. Montreal was sick coming back. I competed there in 2005 and 2006. Basically started my competition drifting career so to speak. I hadn’t been there in about ten years. It was rad going back, same track, saw a lot of old friends that I haven’t seen since, you know? I was last there, so that was really cool to catch up. I definitely would like to go back, the track was super fun. Had a lot of elements from like all the other tracks that we run throughout the season. Even though it was an oval track, it was flat. And there was like a cool manji coming down the straight, the front straight right in front of the fans and it had a cool touch and go wall. And then another nice decreasing radius turn into a little manji to the finish line. So I had like, it was pretty diverse as far as what we usually run. Which is just kind of a boring oval track with a little infield thing. So, it was cool. I had a blast. Fans were sick, fans were unbelievable they were out of their seats clapping for everybody as they
would exit the track. So that was really cool to see, it gets the
drivers in another. I don’t know? It gets you super pumped and
it makes you want to put on an even better show out there on the track. Get close to the walls, close right to your
car. All that. Did you learn any French? I did not learn any French. I probably learned
less French. French kissing. All them drift girls. Wooo oooo. Speaking of getting close to walls and wrecking
your car, what’s the worst wreck you’ve ever been in? The worst wreck? Yeah. It was probably just before Atlanta when I
got into a roll-over accident fifty yards from my driveway. Geez. How about on track? On track? – Yeah. I don’t know. No big ones? Yeah, I mean I rode off a couple chassis at
Irwindale mainly. Like three years in a row I wrecked my car
there, and had to rebuild another one. It’s coming up. -Yeah it is, in October. Is it a ‘Days of Thunder’, ‘Talladega Nights’
situation, where you’ve seen the fear and now you’re coming back to that track saying,
‘come on you beast’. Yeah, I call it a beast. When I’m whooping
its ass. Alright let’s get into some Ferrari questions. Yeah, sure. Everyone wants to know about the
intake, right? Yeah, everyone wants to know, what’s going
through the windshield? Well, if we flip the intake around to the
front than it would look like crap. You open up the hood and theres like these
two gross looking, like ‘U’ shaped bends coming off the engine to air boxes, that looks pretty
crappy. This car is not for competition, it’s going
to be for mainly demos and shows and just all around having a blast. And it’s going
to be pretty rad to drive. But I definitely wanted the engine bay to
look like as Ferrari as possible and as cool as possible. So, that’s why they cut through the firewall,
for the intakes and it’s actually going to really cool induction system where both are
going to split to each side of the car, to each fender. So, its intake is going to be underneath dashboard
and then the filters will be coming out the, or underneath the side fenders. Which will be pretty rad, it’s going to be
done with all carbon fiber molding. It’s some pretty trick stuff. It should be cool. Awesome. How much power do you think it’s
going to be? I don’t know. I think the weighted horsepower
for Ferrari is like five-hundered and five. I think with an exhaust and obviously we’re
going to be running a MoTec on it with some tuning. I couldn’t tell you, I think there pretty
strung out it already. So I don’t think we’ll make much more horsepower out of that. Maybe, I’m hoping five-fifty at the wheels
with probably the coolest engine note I’ve ever heard. Outside of like Formula One and IndyCar stock. It will sound like an IndyCar I think. So the intake, just to clarify is going behind
the front wheels? It will be, yeah. The intake filters will
be behind the front wheels. Not out of the side fenders but behind. So you won’t even really be able to see them,
unless you poke your head around. That’s awesome. What transmission are you using? We’re going to be running five speed sequential
Thorton box. I don’t have experience with them, but they
have been around forever and they make a super legit product. It also has flat shift, it’s got a string
gauge on the shifter an all that, so we’ll tune that all in and it should be pretty cool. This dude is trying to slip into the DMs,
we’re not gonna. Why not? I don’t think we should. Who introduced you
to drifting? I guess, well without even knowing what drifting
was or is at that time. I was introduced to it by an old friend that
picked me and my brother up in a Mustang and he just took us for a hell ride doing burnouts,
donuts. Just trying to drift sideway out of little
stops. Like nineties and stuff. And I didn’t even know what drifting was at that point, but I knew I wanted to drive recklessly like that, so me and my brother pooled our
money together and that’s what we started doing. Shortly after that summer I found out drifting was an actual sport, and it had just kind of come to the US. They had D1 at Irwindale, and started – this is like back when Kazaa? Oh yeah, yeah. – Download videos like iTunes style. Oh no, not iTunes style – Napster style. Kazaa and Limewire. Yeah. So I started downloading all these videos and we found out drifting was an actual sport in Japan. Like Options Two videos. Then found out about option videos and found a place to buy those, and I’d buy those, and I’d watch those videos religiously. Like they had all the in-car stuff, it was super cool. So that’s how I kind of learned about drifting and then I sold the Mustang and got a 240. I actually found a really legit 240, ’91. Or, ’92 LX or LI, I forget. It was like the leather model, sun roof, super clean no rot in the chassis, this is back in 2003. And that’s rare on the east coast. – Super
rare. Bought it for $1900 bucks and as soon as I bought I took back to this little street that I like to get a little sideways on. Yeah, the driveway up to your. -It had. Is that the driveway up to your – No, no, no this is well before that. So I had good rear tires on it and complete shit front tires. So I tried to kick it around this turn and understeered right into, the only rock on the side of the road is the one that I ran into. So it wasn’t bad, but it had all scuffs on the bumper and dented the radiator support a little bit. And this is like the first three hours I had the car. So as we know, S13 chassis are becoming crazy expensive, what would you suggest for a beginner drifter? I think the BMWs which are relatively cheap, or as cheap as the 240s, maybe cheaper. I haven’t looked a ton into Cragslist on that
but- -An E36? Yeah, if you can get like a 36. I forget which ones they are, the engines with the 2.8s go pretty good. You can actually slide those NA, just get
some 15s pump the tire pressure up. And those will kick around the track pretty
good. You don’t need to do much else. They have pretty good steering angle right out of the box. Just put some safety stuff in it, put some coil overs on it. I’m not sure what the differential options are, but besides the 240 I think that’s the next best option. Who is Ryan Tuerck? Somebody else answer that? James? Yeah James, who’s Ryan Tuerck? Whatever man. He’s a ghost. Is the Ferrari car going to have a rocket bunny kit on it? I don’t know yet, I want it to. Cool. -Working on that still. A lot of people are asking if you’re ever going to go to Gatbil. Gatbil? Yeah, we were trying to work it out with Osbro this year, and it was just too late. We started having a conversation about two weeks beforehand and it just wasn’t enough time to make it happen. I did go there back in 2013 and had one of
the best times ever. That track runs Scogeness, probably my favorite track I’ve ever drifted
on – everywhere I’ve been. It’s absolutely incredible. The elevation
changes, the amount of turns on the track, how fast it is. The long uphill straightaway on the main drag into that nice, little further than ninety degree turn. It’s just super sick, there’s so much to that track. So many different elements that makes for a really good time, and then the party
is pretty good too. Yeah? That’s the best part, I mean us drift
guys — we love a good party. Even in our old age. Yeah, us old drift dudes I mean we always say, ‘drift first, party close second’. I thought it was party first in your case? Well, yeah then I got. Since you don’t actually do that much driving. And by not much you mean any at all? I’m like a good guy to have in the pits. Or in the passenger seat. Yeah, bring up moral. Pumphrey hit that e-brake for me, I’m going to go into in this turn. What else have we got? Shout out to SlammerM9. Shout out, tou’re doing shout outs? What is the sickest part about becoming pro from your missile days? What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced since being pro? I guess all the travel, for sure. Being able to meet people that are all like-minded out in the world. That I never assumed like I get to do, going
to different countries in eastern Europe. The UK, Ireland, everywhere. It’s been a really cool experience. You meet a lot of really rad people that have the same mentality that you do. And you just connect with people even though there’s sometimes a language barrier, it doesn’t even matter. It’s just about having fun and driving cars.
And you know some of the coolest people I met were the fail crew dudes. My buddy Max really helped out in a lot of ways for me to compete over there in the drift all-stars in Estonia. And just being an all around great dude. He
invited me out to Gatbill the year that I went, and the HGK guys supplied a car. So it’s just been. It’s just cool man. People are down to lend a hand and make things happen. I feel like those are the best experiences that I’ve had turning pro. And all of those opportunities of travel. These are people in this room. Why’s your phone not on mute though dude? It’s like the movies dude. Like the prompt comes up and now you’re the dickhead. Yeah, well I think I was the dickhead before. What do we got? Lindsay Ross says you owe her a ’93 S13 coupe. That’s a lie actually. I did not break the engine, I broke the engine in the chassis. So actually I owe you a twin-cam KA, which I actually just sold. So sorry, not happening. Our Creative Director wanted to buy that car. Somebody wants to know, what’s up with the 1J S13? The 1J is just chilling, it needs some work.
It needs some updates. Like I’ve got to put a superdoof kit on it. It needs some paint. It needs a water pump. Serpentine belt. Chassis Wiring. Engine Harness. All these things do work it’s just so haggard on it. The front end needs to be tubbed, so it’s all proper. Back when I had that big crash into the slide ride car it moved the front rod pretty good. It’s just. The cars there, the car works it
just needs a lot of updates and I have no time to work on it because I’m usually doing demos with the FR-S street car and or just traveling and doing other stuff like hanging out here at Donut Media headquarters, 3,000 miles from my garage. Jarod, the announcer of FD said, ‘what’s up?’ What’s up, Jarod?
What’s up, Jarod? Your Instagram is lit dude! I love seeing
the kids bro. Glad you like that new beer and wine spot in your town, dog. Is this guy on the right in a play near DTLA I saw him? Yes I am. I am currently in a play. You’re in a play? What play? It’s called four chords and a gun. It’s about the Ramones. Nah, I can’t. – Sell it dude. Make me want
to buy it. It’s a great play. -Is it a free show? No it’s not free. 25 bucks. Huh? I got to do a New York accent in it, I play Marky Ramone. I can only do it, it’s 1978, murder rates at about four a day and a lot
of those feel like they’re happening just like right outside. Like right out there. The fans are great, but there’s not a lot of them. [Clapping] Jarod wants to know if I’ve ever used sunscreen ever. I was actually thinking about that in the car today, like man I really need to start wearing sunscreen. What? Yeah, you’ve been red since the last
time I saw you. Two months ago. -I’ve been red since I was born. Two months ago you were as read as you are now. Well I’m just like a pink boy to begin with. And I’m driving a lot this summer man. Like this arm is really tan. Sitting in that LA traffic. -Dude it sucks. Shout out from 501 racing. We already answered that question Nick Thompson, around 550. Maybe, who knows? -Who knows? Unprecedented territory for me. This dude is eating a donut right now. Any plans to take the Ferrari FR-S to Italy? Do I? Why? To rip up some Italian track. Cool, I’m down. I mean that’s, they just send them in. I’m down, I’ll go. Alright cool, lets set it up. Jacob? We’re going to do a Tuerck’d in Italy
once the car is done? -Sure. Tuerck’d Roma. What else we got? My Instagram, ok? Pull some questions from my Instagram, shut your mouth Pumphrey I’m answering questions here. Well I thought I’d fill the gap, but it’s
cool we’ll just be quiet. Alright, Gay Andy asks what about the plenum in the windshield? Well if you tuned in at 9AM we already answered that question you jerk. Come by and we’ll talk. What inspired you to do the engine swap? Well my ultimate goal was to put a Formula One engine in a street car chassis. But that is a little bit out of, you know? I think you need closer to a million dollars to make that happen. We actually looked into it. I had nameless’,
one of their big customers is Kazara, so I had him send an email over to one of the guy who deals with him. He came back with some crazy figures of engine costs and engine retuning. And then the maintenance required in the ECU package and all that is a little bit out of my price range. This engine is going to be insane, right? No. No? No it’s the new, I don’t know. Well I guess I shouldn’t say it’s not going to be. I don’t know to be honest, but my buddy Damon from Daily Driven Exotics, he has put like 30,000 kilometers on his 458 and he drives the absolute piss out of that car. And it’s been all good. He drove it from Montreal, here and back. And. Well not only did he do that, he started
in Boston for his rally and drove it to I think Nashville. And then all the other cars got loaded up and transported to Colorado. And instead of transporting his on an open
transporter, or whatever. He decided to drive all the way to Colorado and meet back up with everybody, and then drove from Colorado here to meet up with you guys and then drove all the way up to Vancouver. That’s gnarly. In his 458, so pretty sick and he drives it
really hard. So I kind of base my maintenance intervals,
or schedule or whatever, based off of what he has accomplished in that car. So we should be good I think. Your in the desert, fuck you. That’s from Blade Runner. Replica question. Can you in FD drift the pro GT86 FR-S with a Ferrari engine? If so are you leaving the 2J. Q and A, Ryan Tuerck. Yeah, I mean we can drift any car with any
engine, basically but this will not be a Formula D car. This is going to be, once again this is mainly for demos, video projects, shows and just having an all around kick ass time in a car
that has a really sweet sound. So this is an entirely new build, for everybody wondering if I’m replacing a 2JZ engine. This car is going to be the number three, the number three FR-S in the garage. And the other two, the pro car and the street car were both made with the 2Js. Cool and no force induction NA? Staying NA, for now anyway. I don’t want to
put turbos on it, because then it will kill the sweet NA sounds of that engine. So how much, what percentage of your motivation to build this car is the sound? Pretty much all of it. If there was a cheaper, lesser engine available with that sound than I would still do that. If there was a what? A cheaper, lesser engine that had the same sound, I would still do that. It just sounds so sick, it makes good power. It’s from an Italian supercar, that’s probably one of the best to drive out there and experience an actual supercar. So yeah. Sick. When’s your merch site coming up? The merch site is, it might be live today
actually. We’re just working out the bugs, making sure the shop and shipping stuff all
calculate properly. So check back maybe tonight and it might be live by then. This dude says a B18 sounds as good as a Ferrari motor. Well I mean that’s just like your opinion
man. Everyone know that the B18 is unbeatable, it’s the best engine ever made. It’s got vtoc. Is this a question? -No. Yeah. Because if it is, no it’s not. Well there’s a guy who said it. Are you going to put a 2JZ in a Ferrari? What’s that? Are you going to put a 2JZ in a Ferrari? I mean Ferrari is mid-engine, that’s not a drift car. It could be, but it would be very difficult to drift as I experienced in the Tuerck’d
episode. Are you going to Minnesota? These guys are starting to troll. You can only let the internet go for a half hour and then they start saying the other “F” word. Genesis Coupe? -Yeah, what do you think about the Genesis Coupe? I don’t know? Why is that a question? Digo drifts a Lambo. Digo has the Lambo, that thing is sick. He has the working good. What’s your favorite FD memory? It’s not a good one? -No? What is it? Wild ass story of hardship and heartbreak. Dude, I think this is our last question let’s
dig in. So this is back in 2007 when me and Tony Angelo were running our own team. We called it Team Snakebite. Really no money. Just enough to get by, but struggling with a lot of car issues pretty much every round. I was braking throttle bodies and sucking the screws through the engine. So that happened basically every event, and to add to that my Dodge pick-up truck was towing a big 40-48 foot trailer for me and Tony’s cars and it could barely handle it. So it was breaking transmissions or breaking down quite often. So the story goes, we have a cross-country
trip and me, Chris Forsberg. I mean yeah, me, Forsberg, Tony and Vaughn all decide to do a Drift Alliance road trip across the US from I think New Jersey all the way to California. That’s a pretty stacked crew. Yeah, we had our filmer – Andrew Laputka who does all the Tuerck’d stuff and a lot of projects here at Donut too. So he was filming, and this is all in the ‘Stay Hungry’ DVD that we put out a long time ago. So anyway, we’re going across country and
we were having fun. Stopping at night, partying whatever. Tony’s got a broken car, I also have a broken car on the trailer just trying to get back to the west coast to fix our cars and get ready for the next round which is in Seattle. We get to, just on the other side of Texas and my transmission goes in the truck. Or a gear goes, I felt it in the truck towing. So we pull over, grab a magnet, drain the
fluid out. Try to pull all the metal out- and keep going. Then about ten miles later the entire transmission box basically exploded, every single gear in the thing was just trashed. So Forsberg towed the trailer to, I think
all the way to Vivid racing in Arizona. We dropped it off there and then my truck had to get towed somewhere else to get fixed. And we were staying at Jarod DeAnda’s house, thank you for letting us stay. We were all just a bunch of punks. It took forever to get fixed, now it’s like a week before Formula D Seattle and transmission costs like $3,500 bucks. I had to put it on a credit card, I had no cash. Get the car back, literally drive through
the night. Go to the shop where Tony’s dynoing his car pull his car off the dyno, straight into the trailer. We’re driving up just to get cleaned up, everybody’s just wrecked,
working so hard. And nobody’s been sleeping, so we pull off
the exit to go get cleaned up and pack our bags and my truck is on fire. So we pull of to the side as quickly as possible, the trailer is like, I tried making a right turn onto the side road. The trailer is like stuck in traffic out in the main road and we pop the hood, that thing is smoking. We
start tearing our shirts off trying to put the fire out and our buddy Dave who was crewing for us that year smartened up and went and grabbed some water and put the fire out for us. Dude, that’s gnarly. And then right after that. We’re all like, there’s like debris on us and we’re all charcoaled up and then it just starts raining. We’re all just sitting there in the middle
of the road with the hood up. And it just starts pouring on us. So I get back in the truck, realize the turbo
was smoked in the truck and we’re getting down to it. We have leave in time to get to Formula D. So, find a turbo. It was a direct bolt on replacement, charged that on my credit card, no big deal. We start driving through the night, make it to Seattle, we put like a new livery on Tony’s car. The next day we’re practicing qualifying and I pull up to the line for my first qualifying lap. Well no, actually before that in practice, in Thursday’s open practice my clutch disc welded itself to the fly wheel. So that was a ton of fun, and then the next
day just before qualifying the bottom end of my engine goes, so I was done. Geez. All for nothing. Yeah, that was like a month-long situation of hardship, heartbreak that ended in tragedy. That’s crazy. Do you still ride BMX? No so much. I still have my BMX bike, but right now I’d
rather ride my dirt bike than my BMX bike. -Right on. Well guys, thanks for tuning in to Facebook Live- Sorry for the long story. Late night Tuerck show. This is our buddy, Ryan Tuerck. You know?
I should remind you that I’m James Pumphrey. Who are you? Who’s James Pumphrey? Who knows man? Some dude doing a side off the 405 somewhere? Yeah, yeah. Actually we’re getting some pretty good press. Talks of New York. I don’t know. If you missed anything, check out our YouTube channel. We’re going to put the whole thing up there. Next time we do one of these- Drift Squid! Watch again, Drift Squid. Snake, Club Snakebite! And uh, Team Snakebite. -Team Snakebite, Club Loose. Signing off as us old drift guys say, ‘keep
it sideways, America’. Drift you later, dude!