Doing This Will Open Any Car Door

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show you how to fix the
side door in a van that won’t open in this case try as you can thing on
open is it from the outside or the inside now we go inside and you can see
there’s no from the inside either and here’s the problem you can only get to
it from the inside so we’re gonna have to tear this plastic stuff off so first
we on screw a little handle here there’s two Phillips screws one in the back off
it comes then we have to take the screws off of the window piece here to get it
out of the waste of the plastic will come off it just unscrews then we can
pick that up get it out of the way now we gotta pull this plastic off it’s kind of
a pain but it does actually snap off grab the edges and it comes right out
throw it in the back seat, now that uncovers the bottom part the latches inside here so
we got to do the same thing here we just pull a lot now sometimes it’ll stick on
the bottom cuz it’s closed but in this case it’s got enough room and I can
reach inside here and pull on the latch and get it open we just reach inside
here there’s a rod and we pull on it can take a while sometimes if you reach your
arm in and pull enough, there it goes out of the way, well we haven’t fixed anything yet
but at least we got it open and I don’t so many of these I know the cable
assembly breaks you gotta buy the whole latch and assembly and then just replace
it like this the latch isn’t here and as you can see it’s got these squirrely
heads on them you need a special socket that goes on there any hot screw got a
my pretty tight and eventually you get all three off and a slide down inside
now as you can see with the new cable assembly is a bunch of cables so to get
the old one out rather than fish around I just cut the old cables cable cutter
here you just get the cutters in a lot of weight a little swear
here’s the old broken one then we’ll take the bolts off the inner handle get
that off then you slide the latch in and match up the three holes and screw them
in get them on nice and tight you don’t want the hinge to be sliding remember to
switch the ratchet to the other side then you snap the right on to the door
handle so then when you turn the handle a little shaky here you’ll see it move, here’s a
better shot of it moving, then you get the inside latch and stick the holes in
there and hold it in on the inside put the nuts back on make sure they’re nice
and tight before I put it all back together let’s close it and open it make
sure it works and inside success now we can put the panel’s back on and the top
panel slips on you want to get the low unlock knob sticking up it’s always fun
wrestling with this plastic junk there we go then we get the window holder
stick a screw in first then line it up hey put the rest of the screws in, so now
you know how to fix the door that has a broken latch sure this was the side door
on the van but they all work in a similar matter any doors got a hinge and
they almost all have cables on now because the cheaper made than they used
to be when they had all solid metal parts, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell