Doing This Will Make Your Car Paint Last Twice as Long

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you how you can make your car’s paint last twice as long, now the first
thing that you have to understand about automotive paint is, most modern vehicles
use a four stage process when the cars are painted, you got the bare metal, and
then that’s actually has a pretreatment coating in most places, which is one of
the reasons that modern cars don’t rust like they used too, when I was a kid in
Niagara Falls, hey cars would be 6-7 years old the
fenders are rust and off, they were just falling apart, because they didn’t have
any of that pretreatment stuff, then the actual process of what you might call
painting, because it’s not all exactly painting, is that they have an electric coat
and that’s to keep things from corroding normally it’s zinc based, and that keeps
electrolysis out, and keeps the bare metal from having problems with
corrosion, rust, so they don’t come apart from oxidation, now this first coating is
measured in microns and a micron is one thousandth of a millimeter, this electron
coating is 17 to 22 microns thick so that’s not very thick really, and the
next coat on top of that is the primer paint,
then on top of that is the base coat, the color that you actually see, strangely
enough that’s the thinnest coat, that’s 10 to 20 microns, then on top of that is
the clear coat that’s 30 to 50 microns, that’s the thickest one, it’s kind of
like clear fair nail polish, that coats at all and that’s what really makes shiny,
and what you want to preserve on your car’s
paint is their clear coat, because that’s what protects the paint underneath, UV
rays of the Sun are attacking that clear coat,
birds pooping on your car attacks it, dirt and grime attacks, it so what you want to
do is make that clear coat last as long as it possibly can,
so the first thing you want to do if birds poop on your car, or you get tar
from the road that gets on the side of your paint, you want to get rid of the
stuff immediately, I’ve been using this Goo Gone automotive stuff for decades
it’s really great for taking crud out you leave it in a trunk with some blue
paper towels, then you can spray it on and get it off before it does damage,
especially with bird poop, that stuff is acidic, if you let it dry sit in the Sun
it eats right through your paint, like I said the Goo gone works great, this is
the automotive one that’s more gel it’s thicker, so when you spray it on it sits
there, now like any kind of product that clean stuff, you don’t want to do it in
the direct Sun you want do it in the shade on a vehicle that’s not red-hot,
you just want to make sure you do it before the car sits all day in the red
hot Sun and it bakes in, it’s why you put it in the trunk, then you don’t have to
worry about, hey where am I gonna find this stuff, you got it you can take the
crud off your painting and not worry about it, now the next thing to make your
paint last as long as possible it’s to wax your car, it’s a good idea to do it
four times a year, once every season so if you can remember to do it in the
beginning of the season, hey that’s easier cuz you know the beginning of
winter it’s not as cold as the middle or later winter, so if you do it in the
beginning of each season, then you won’t forget, now I have to admit that I’m a
bad boy, I don’t wax my cars anymore I use this new finish because technically
it’s not a wax it’s a polish, I find that this polish
works better than a wax, seems to last long, now it says once a year but
nonsense on that , I still do it four times a year, you know a good paint job
cost a fortune this cost hardly anything, so you know a
little elbow grease it’ll make you painting last longer,
because to keep your clear coat shiny which is what makes your paint look good,
nothing works better than a really good polish like that, it’s not really
abrasive where it ruins the paint, it just keeps it nice and shiny and
protects it, now here’s something that I warn you against wasting your money on,
this is one of these nano paint protectors, really it’s a bunch of nano
nonsense this one’s using the idea of
nanotechnology and ceramics together says it’s a nano
ceramic, I tried to stuff out this little bottle it’s like 50 bucks, it’s just
garbage, and I’ve also read about people use this and they said that it ruined
their paint job, so stay away from all this marketing nonsense that some
people have, I’ve seen some German manufactured products that say, oh they
keep your car shining and stuff, and the system will be like three or four hundred
dollars, it’s nonsense their just selling you this really
expensive stuff, because they figure you got an expensive European car and you’re
dumb enough you bought that expensive thing you buy really expensive wax
for your expensive car, so waste your money on that, this stuff works perfectly
fine, of course if you want regular wax get a good carnauba based wax and wax it
four times a year, take care of it you know I just happen to like this stuff
because I’ve tried over 51 years lots of different stuff, and I found this seems
to be the best one it goes on easy it wipes off easy, and it seems to last
longer than most of the other ones do, this my
wife’s 17 year old Lexus, look at that baby shine, you can see the reflection of
the tree behind it, 17 years old and this stuff keeps it going, now the next way to
keep your car’s paint lasting as long as possible
is realized that really bad dust and dirt is abrasive, you don’t want to just
get a cloth or something and wipe the stuff off, I had a customer here in
Houston years ago that learned the lesson the hard way
there was a Mexican volcano south of here that erupted, and we got all this
volcanic ash, well he went and got some towels and stuff, they were microfiber
towels and he wiped the dust off, and what he was doing was he scratched his
paint, now that’s an extreme example, but the dirt and crud in our modern society
is all over the place, so when you do have a dirty car, the first thing you
want to do is hose it off, you want to rinse it off of water first, so that the
water can just blow all that stuff off, then once it’s gotten reasonably
hydrated, you can get some good soap to clean the car with, now when I was a kid
we were cheap we didn’t have any money, so I’d use
dishwashing liquid to wash the car, but really you want to use car wash liquid
that’s made for car it’s designed not the damage that clear
coat, I’ve been using this McGwire stuff for years, it’s a really good cleaner I
mean there’s tons of them out there, but it’s like anything else, you get
something that seems to work pretty good then you tend to stick with it, do keep it
clean if you want that paint to last and I have to admit, I’m cheating with
my wife’s car, because I park it under this tree all the time,
Sun destroys paint, whenever possible if you can park your car in the shade it’s a
good thing, then the ultraviolet rays of the Sun can’t destroy the paint, sure
putting the car in a garage is great but if you don’t have a garage to put it
into as long as it’s in the shade it’s gonna keep the paint from being
destroyed, because you really want to take care of your original paint job, as
you saw earlier, theirs four layers when a car is painted at the factory, it’s done
by machines, they do a nearly perfect job if you’ve ever had a car repainted, they
never last as long, they never look as shiny, cuz odds are no place is going to
go through those four stages and get it exactly the same thickness as a robot
will, so now you know how to make your car’s paint last as long as it can, so
you can ride around in a nice shiny car and not be embarrassed by one that maybe
has the clear coat peeling off, like it’s got a bad case of sunburn, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that