Does the 2019 Audi A7 Have the Edge on the A6? | Edmunds

variants are nothing new. You have grand coupes, you
have GTs, you have sportbacks, you have wagons. They’re all pretty much
based off of sedans. This is no different. This is the all-new
2019 Audi A7. Before I jump into the
A7, do me a favor and hit subscribe below. We have a lot of great
content coming your way. Like the first generation
A7, this new one is based very heavily
on the A6 sedan. The big difference
though is styling. Instead of the traditional
sedan proportions, the A7 has this
sweeping roof line that tapers down into this
fastback hatchback look. It’s slightly
sportier, and it has a certain appeal to
those who just want to make a fashion statement. The engines are all the same. It’s a three liter
turbo charged V6, that puts out 335 horsepower,
through a seven speed automated manual gearbox. And it has Quattro
all-wheel drive as standard. For the most part, the A7
drives just like the A6. For driving impressions and
some interior impressions, check out that full
review, because this video, I’m going to be pointing out
the differences between the A6 and A7. One of the main differences
besides just the body shape, is also the price. The A7 costs about
$10,000 more than the A6. That means the starting price
is right around $70,000. The A7 also has some
subtle styling tweaks that set it apart just a little
bit from the more conventional A6. First of all, there’s some
deep creases in the hood here that give it a sportier,
lighter, sharper appearance. There’s also a lot of
sculpting going down here under the headlights
and larger air vents to make it look a
little sportier. One of the more pronounced and
heritage-inspired styling cues is this flared blister. It’s pretty subtle, and
actually the best way to see it is to look straight down on it. And it goes back
to the Audi Quattro with those really pronounced
flares and blisters right around the wheels. Further back, we have some
character lines that kind of fade in and fade out. They’re really
sharp in some points and just fade back
into the body. It’s really nice. It’s a good effect. Also, there’s a
subtle line here. This little crease
here that gives it a slightly lighter appearance. To further lighten a lot
of that visual weight, there’s a lot of
sculpting going on down here by the rocker panels. It’s kind of deeply
coved in here and it changes its
profile as it goes up. In design speak, well, they’re
catching light and casting shadows. And that gives it a lot
more visual interest. As you get to the
back wheel, well, you have the reemergence of
that Quattro bulge here. And one thing that is also
cool, is the last generation A7, the fuel door was a little
bit of an interruption, because they had to place it
in the middle of that character line. Now they have it right in
this perfect little spot here, where it doesn’t really
jar you visually. Another difference between this
and the old A7 is the tail. It’s just a few inches
taller than before. And it actually makes
a big difference. I thought that the original
A7, it tapered a little bit too much and kind of trailed off. This one has a more
definite ending. And I think it’s
more attractive. One of the more
obvious differences between the A7 and A6 is cargo. This massive hatch adds to
the already generous trunk from the A6. It means you can fit slightly
bulkier items back here. And the designers say you can
still fit golf clubs sideways across the trunk. Overall, it gets a slight
edge over the A6 when it comes to convenience and utility. If there’s one area where the A7
comes up short against the A6, it’s rear passenger space. I’m 5’10” and my head
is definitely touching the headliner. In the A6 however, I add about
an inch or two above that. I do still have plenty
of room for my feet under the front seat
and knee room as well. And it still has plenty
of lateral space. Unlike the A6, it’s not
quite as expansive a view outward because of this
tapering roof line. What that means is, if you’re
going to be regularly shuttling around taller adults, the
A6 might be a better choice. All things considered,
the A7 takes all of the best
attributes of the A6 and adds a little more style. They both drive really great,
have wonderful interiors and tons of tech. Deciding between
the two is really just going to come down
to your own fashion sense. Personally, I like this new A7. I like it better than the A6. But I also like it a lot
better than the previous A7. For more information
on the A6, the A7 and all of their competition,
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