Does Restore Work? Will it Improve Engine Cylinder Compression?

(music) I get a lot of requests to test different additives, and I’m pretty excited about testing restore today, and I have the perfect engine at the 1974 Ford 5000 with A 4.2 liter diesel This engine has low compression. I birtija assessed the injection pump. It’s a diesel, so Anyway, the injection pump is clearly getting diesel to the engine and to the combustion chamber as I’m trying to fire Up the engine. I’m seeing some white smoke, and it smells like diesel so it’s unburned diesel Unfortunately the only way I can get this engine to start even when it’s 90 degrees outside is one of two ways The first is used starting fluid which is something I don’t recommend in the diesel and the second way is to literally use an engine pre heater to heat the engine up to about 150 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit to get it to start this does not make sense to me. This is an old tractor I don’t want to put a whole lot of money into it And I’m just curious if this engine restore is up to the task as it claims it guarantees to restore engine compression So today, we’re going to find out once and for all if this product is as good as they say it is according to instructions Restored it’s safe to use in a gasoline or diesel engine now on this can there’s a little asterisks right here And if you go to the bottom of the can it says not formulated for use in power stroke Diesel’s So if you’re watching this video, please do not put this in your powerstroke diesel I did a lot of research in Accord power stroke diesel ‘z have a certain type of Fuel injection pump and fuel injection system that is not compatible with restore and this causes a no start condition In those engines my compression kit that I have is goes up to 300 pounds pressure Which is adequate with that said? I don’t have a way of using it unless I make my own compression fitting for this specific engine So what I have in my left and on my right on your right is an old fuel injector I pulled out of this engine about a year ago, and what I’m going to do is hollow out the internals I’m going to tap this end and then I’m going to be able to use this adapter to plug into this fuel injector This will save me at least $100 from buying a compression Gauge specifically designed for a diesel and I only plan to need this one time but once I design this thing For this specific engine I can always reuse it I’ma go ahead and disassemble this fuel injector And I’ve already loosened everything up just so I can efficiently Demonstrate what? I’m trying to do here, but I’m just going to disassemble this injector I’m going to take the internals out this is not needed all this is going to do is create back pressure and give us a bad reading and There’s a hole already inside of this injector which allows fuel to pass through, so I’m just going to put this in back on I’m going to tighten this up in a minute, but this mounts up against the cylinder head and there’s a washer of a brass washer that goes between This fitting and the cylinder head to make sure we get a really tight seal inside here We’ll just go ahead. Take these parts out. They’re not needed So why don’t you do on this injectors? I need to tap a hole in this the same size as the compression gauge Hose so, I can just screw this directly in Okay, we’ve got a lone cylinder this one’s only at about 230 pounds pressure, and so clearly we’ve got a cylinder. That’s down I’m just going to drain off about a pint of oil because we’re right on the full mark And I’m not going to change the oil because I want to see what the compression does with the same exact oil Just by adding restore The instructions say to shape the can before adding it to the engine We’ll have to admit. I’m pretty impressed that restore actually worked when I was out using the tractor yesterday It seemed to have more power But I don’t trust my own judgment when it comes to how things feel just because the Placebo effect And there’s all kinds of other factors that could influence how the tractor seemingly performs But when I did the compression test it was very clear that it actually works So are there additives that you’ve tested that improve? compression are there other attitudes that you think are as good or better than restore on a shelf behind me there are quite a bit of additives that I plan to test in near future So if you like to see me test those additives You might consider subscribing if you haven’t already subscribed or selecting the bell to be notified when I publish videos in closing I just want to say I’m not sponsored by the manufacturer of restore sea Foam marvel mystery oil or any other Manufacturer although I’ve had a couple of offers for sponsorship. I’ve turned those down I really appreciate being able to be independent and be self sponsored It allows me to test products without the influence of any sort of company or manufacturer trying to persuade me to Provide more optimistic results than the new product deserves anyway Just want to say thank you so much for watching the video, and I look forward to seeing you next time you