Do Waterless Washes Scratch Car Paint? Not If You Do It Right! Chemical Guys EcoSmart

Welcome back to Detail Garage. Today is a very warm day, this car needs a
wash. Me and the camera crew don’t want to be outside in the sun and the heat taking buckets and hoses to the car. So we’re going to skip all the normal car
wash steps. We’re going to show you how easy it is to
wash your car using Eco Smart RU. Eco Smart RU is a full water less detailing system. You don’t need any hoses or running water. You just need some Eco Smart and a couple
microfiber towels. Now washing your car is very easy using Eco
Smart. Just mist it on the surface, take your microfiber
towel, wipe it in one direction and after all the dirt is removed in the first towel,
take your second towel and buff off any residue. Now Eco Smart also contains a carnauba wax
which will help protect and enhance a nice shiny finish on any surface. You can also use it to wash any part of your
car on the outside that you would normally wash with a hose, bucket and water. So you can clean your chrome grill. You can clean your wheels. You can clean glass or clear plastic. You can clean tires and you can even clean
the engine bay using Eco Smart. So I have my work cut out for me around this
car, it’s actually pretty dirty so I’m going to go ahead and wash this whole outside of
the car using Eco Smart RU. If you have any questions about the product you can check it out on the Chemical Guys website. The links are right below in the description. If you wanna learn more top detailing tips
and tricks from the professionals, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have over nine hundred videos showing you
how to do just about anything. You got a nice car, lets keep it clean with
Chemical Guys. Now just like with most detailing work, using
Eco Smart requires the proper technique. So when you wipe with your towel, make sure
you wipe in one direction only so you’re not grinding dirt into the paintwork like sand paper. Now as I wipe I’m also rolling the towel so I’m constantly using a fresh piece of microfiber on the surface. Once this side gets filled up, I can flip
to the next side, flip the towel over and have two more sides then flip the whole towel over and have four more sides for wiping the car for a scratch free shine. Now I’ll take my second towel and buff off
any streaks. Nice lustrous clean surface.