DIY | How to strip rust and paint on the cheap

– Hello, this is Davin
Reckow with Hagerty. And today I’m gonna go
through a real quick, simple, and cheap way
to strip all the rust and paint off of this crank pulley. So I got a little tip from a
friend of mine that’s a farmer. When he cleans his milk
machine, he uses this stuff called Milkstone and he
said it works very good to clean rust and stuff
off of his equipment. Now granted, milk machines
are mainly stainless but the point in the
matter is he said this will strip the rust off of
this without a problem. So we’re gonna give it
a little test today. Okay, so for today’s example,
I’m gonna use an ultrasonic cleaner but I’m only gonna
use the heating cycle. Now you can use anything,
you can actually just take this and soak it in a dish
pan and it’ll just take a little bit longer and you
can also use even a Crock Pot as long as that temperature stays below the recommendation on the can. Now given that this has
muriatic acid in it, this is a perfect time to
actually use some rubber gloves. So Milkstone is readily
available at virtually every Tractor Supply, Farm and
Fleet, any of your farm stores, also like a feed store and
it’s relatively inexpensive. This gallon jug cost roughly $13. Okay, so I have this ultrasonic
cleaner set at 60 degrees C, which is roughly 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see I’ve been
using this quite a bit. Now, lift this up, carefully
set it in the basket not to splash, lower it in and you can see it’s already percolating
that muriatic acid is attacking the surface of course. And we’re gonna cover
it up, keep the heat in and we’re gonna come back in probably, I don’t know, half hour to an hour and see what the parts
look like at that point. Definitely took off some grease. And you can see all the paint
is basically really loose. Alright, so I’m gonna take
this over to the sink, rinse off the Milkstone
and let’s see what we got. Alright, so I rinsed this
off with some hot water and you can see after an hour to soaking it did a really nice job
of stripping that down. It has a little bit of,
I’m gonna call it a film of some black more or
less powder so before you paint it, you’d wanna
run some Scotch Brite over it and clean it up real nice. If it’s crustier here or
there, you might wanna take and scrape it with a screwdriver
and get the big chunks off. We didn’t from a demonstration stand point but or even hit it with a
wire brush here or there. Now, I’ve also tested this
with a harmonic balancer. I soaked it for about a
half hour and I was just was curious to see what it
would do with the rubber in a harmonic balancer and at this point in that stage of investigation it seemed to be impervious to the rubber. So, try it on some parts,
see what your results are. Leave some comments for us
down in the section below and we’d love to see what your results are relative to the results that we got.