DIY: How To Make Your Paint Smooth – Nissan Altima – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys we’re glad you could join us
back here in the Detail Garage. Today I have a quick tip on how to keep your
car looking its best. This Nissan Altima has been sitting outside
and other weekend it was covered in over spray along the paintwork and if you listen you
can hear all that grime, contamination and over spray which is clogging the pores of
the paint. I’ve already done a small section up here
to show you that there is a huge difference visually as well as the way it sounds and
feels. Nice and slick with all the impurities pulled
out, that is due to our Medium Clay Bar. We’re going to show you how to use it, starting
by pulling off a small piece and then we will knead this up into a paddy that covers two
or three fingers. Now using our Clay Luber I’ll spray the surface
and the reason for this is keep it lubricated because this is very sticky and as it picks
up contamination you can start to mar and scratching if it is not properly lubricated. By using the Clay Luber we’re not only lubricating
the bar but it is also cleansing the area. So working back and forth in straight lines
applying a decent amount of pressure it is pulling off the embedded contamination that
is stuck in the paint. As you start it is going to sound or feel
rough but as it pulls out the contamination it is going to get smooth and slick which
means you can move on. You can actually see this brown runoff, that
is the pollutants that are being removed from the paint. That is how you know you are actually removing
the contaminants for a perfectly smooth finish. So now the paint is very smooth and just by
looking at the bar you can see all this contamination. Lets wipe off the excess so we aren’t letting
this dry and stain. Using a Happy Ending Towel working back and
forth in straight lines picking up the excess Clay Luber as well as the contamination we
pulled off. Now although this clay bar looks really dirty
it can still be used at least another ten times so lets roll it up to a fresh side and
put this back in its clam shell package this way it isn’t exposed to the elements and now
it will be ready for our next detailing job. So if you guys want to learn more about these
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