DIY Headlight cleaner (Fast and Easy)

What is going on everybody I hope everybody’s having a fabulous day. My name is Christian and welcome to vehicle Virals today We’re gonna try to help you guys restore those nasty. Ugly looking headlights Let me ask you a question do your headlights look like? Or do they look like Well my goal today is to help you restore those nasty Headlights and make them look brand new for less than ten dollars and under 20 minutes of labor So we’re gonna go ahead and go over and show you guys exactly what you guys are gonna need for this project Alright guys so the first thing we’re going to do is wash the headlights to remove any surface dirt that might be on the headlight You want to do this to avoid the headlight being ruined any further? Make sure you dry the headlight completely Next thing you want to do is use masking tape to protect the vehicle so you wanna Tape the edges around the headlamp to protect the vehicle from being scratched This kit does come with sandpaper like grids and can ruin the paint of the vehicle Alright so the next thing you’re gonna want to do is apply the lens clarifying compound which is included inside of the box make sure to use a Cotton cloth and use firm pressure to rub the compound into the lens And also make sure to just restore one lens at a time Make sure you use some type of a cloth to remove any remainder of the clarifying compound on the lens So let’s say after applying the clarifying compound that Your headaches are clear and the cleaning free of oxidation And your step is pretty much done You’re due to be able to skip the next following steps But if not I’m going to go ahead and go over the next following steps assuming that There is further oxidation and restoration needed for the specific headlight So in the video looks like the headlight is clear and free from oxidation the thing is that in person there is actually further oxidation as I run my fingers through the headlight I can feel that it’s not 100% smooth And I can still see a little bit of yellow dis so we’re going to go ahead and move on to the following step So you’re going to pull out the spray looper kit, that’s included with the kit And you’re going to start by spraying the green polishing pad which is pad number one You’re gonna want to rub the green pad back and forth until most of the oxidation is removed Also, you want to use the pad only on the area that needs to be restored so the part That’s probably not as smooth, or has yellow oxidation or anything like that That’s where you want to use the pad if it’s all of your headlight. Then use it on an entire. Headlight as well So you continue to rub the green pad back and forth? until most of the oxidation is removed you continue to spray lubricant as much as you need in order to keep the Saturated you don’t want to rub the dry Pad against the headlight. That’s just going to cause more damage Once most of the oxidation is removed flipped to the pad that has the tan side with the number 2 in it and You’re going to want to go ahead and rub back and forth on the opposite direction that you did With the previous pad so if you did it in a horizontal back and forth pattern with the pad number one Then you’re going to want to go ahead and do it the opposite vertically this time You’re gonna have to rub the tan pad back and forth for a whole minute back and forth back and forth Remember keep it saturated You don’t want any dry friction between the headlights and the pad that comes in the kit so then you’re gonna take the teal Colored pad which is number three? And then you’re going to rub it in the opposite direction as you did the tan pad for one whole minute? Once you’ve done that for a minute you’re going to flip over to the purple side which is number four and you’re going to rope Back and forth in the opposite direction as you did the teal pad? Once again, you’re going to do that for one whole minute All right at this point you’ve done the most labor-intensive part of this Tutorial so let’s go ahead and move on and dry the lens with the cotton towel Then you’re gonna take the lens clarifying compound and you’re gonna rub it into the headlight until it starts to become clear Once it starts to look clear let the compound dry to a haze so once it’s dry you want to buff it with a cotton towel if You wanted to sway a little less you can get a machine Slap a foam pad on it put it at a 1,500 speed level You know if you wanted a effortless approach alright, so you apply the lens clarifying compound you Let it haze up then you buffed it out with the towel Before you get to the next step you want to restore the second headlight You Alright guys that was the video If you liked the video make sure I hit that like button if you know anybody and by anybody I mean anybody That is in need of this guide And they need a cheap and easy way to restore their headlights make sure and share this video with them And I’m telling you I’m on the street all the time and I see a lot of yellow headlights So I’m sure there’s somebody you know you can share to guys and if you like this content make sure and subscribe because there will be Content just like this in the future more guides car reviews and Car accessory product reviews as well that way I can do the review before you guys go ahead and spend your hard-earned money on it So please subscribe hit the notification bell, and if you guys haven’t already I have links in the description for my social media follow My Instagram Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date and see behind the scenes of what I do Before I shoot the videos Thank you guys for watching once again. My name is Christian This is vehicle virals you guys. Have a good day you