Diotec Semiconductor Automotive Applications

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Diotec Semiconductor. “Smart Devices for Smart Applications” Under this slogan we present to you our solutions for your design success. Today: Products for automotive applications. The automotive market is more specific than the industrial one. Higher demands are made on temperature, stress immunity and certified quality. Diotec offers several parts for exterior applications, like battery management, lighting, windscreen wipers and mirrors. For example side mirrors. Functions like blinking, heating or positioning use the following products. All for your design success. Interior applications require parts for the dashboard, infotainment, the door module or seat comfort. Diodes are everywhere. Let’s take a look at seat comfort. For comfort of the user new functions like cooling and positioning are offered. These functions require freewheeling diodes, Transistors, Zener diodes and more. Feel free to contact us any time: [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks for joining our online presentation!