Digital Heat Gun – Remove Paint & Roll Fenders With Ease – From Eastwood

woman paint prevent cracking when you’re
rolling thunder looks like this just one great use for a heat gun today and he’s
with garage will show you our digital heat gun there’s a temperature range
from a hundred twenty-two all the way up to 900 32 degrees Fahrenheit which means
it’s perfect not only for use in the garage but also around the house now
let’s take a look at what you get show you the features and see this thing in
action included with the heat gun or four attachment that helped direct heat
to an exact spot where shield the heat from hitting unwanted areas comes with a
flat scraper as well as a scraper handle with three attachments there are two
temperature settings when it is on the first setting is fixed at 122 degrees
and the second setting is adjustable from 120 to all the way up to nine
hundred and thirty-two degrees and one degree increments where you can hold the
button to move rapidly there even six airflow settings that you can adjust it
a push of a button the wide base not only allows you to stand on end until it
cools but also freeze both hands so you can do some work this heat gun is not
only great for removing paint but also for heating plastics and vinyls to make
them more pliable can also be used around the house of you some tiles putty
or heat frozen place there you have it heat gun with all the features and
accessories you need and it’s great not only for the car but also around the
house now don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re
looking for more tools and supplies to help you do the job right visit today yeah yeah