Detect sitting and standing: mmWave people counting from above

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, today I’m here to show
you a demo on TI’s IWR6843. This is a demo on occupancy
detection and stance detection. I have an IWR6843,
antenna-on-package device, mounted overhead and pointed
down looking at the scene here. And we’re using it to
measure the location of people in the room and the
stance of people in the room. And this could be used for
applications like elderly care and elderly monitoring,
where you might want to know if
someone has fallen and monitoring that
behavior without having intrusive wearables on the
body or anything like that. Now, you’ll notice this
scene is a bathroom. And we show that specifically
because TI’s millimeter wave sensors don’t have any
identifiable information that comes to them, so they’re
an inherently private. So they can be in sensitive
environments like a restroom. So now we’re showing
the demo here. We have a few people
moving around. You can see their
location on the GUI. As Justin takes a seat
right on the bench here, you can see that his stance
is indicated by the GUI. His color goes
from green to blue, indicating that he’s
going from a standing to a sitting position. Now, we’re using the IWR6843
antenna-on-package device. This is a brand new device that
we’re very excited about here at TI. And our antenna-on-package
device takes the antennas off of the PCB, and it
brings that onto the chip itself so that our
customers don’t need to worry about having
RF expertise to design with our sensors. And they can bring
down their time to market to get to market
with millimeter wave sensors. So it’s a new technology that
we’re very excited about. It will be coming on the market
soon, so look for it shortly on Thank you.