Dementia Friends USA Transportation

Today we are visiting the transportation
industry, which includes buses taxis or any mode of public transportation.
Individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, may
face these challenges: problems communicating, becoming lost or wandering,
confusion over how to pay the fare anxiety over desired destination. Here’s
what you can do: remain calm and reassuring and maintain eye contact
speak slowly while using short simple sentences try to understand what the
individual needs and where he or she is going if appropriate ask if he or she
has the address of their destination written down let the individual know
when you arrive at the requested destination and ensure it is where they
intended to go if not ask if you can help them contact a friend or family
member to help gently enquire if you are aware that the individual is not
following his typical travel routine avoid arguing with or embarrassing the
person when possible sure concerns with the friend or family
member they are meeting if you work in the transportation industry be a
dementia friend you