DC DMV – How to register a vehicle in DC – Scenario 4

[music playing] Welcome to the District of
Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles. DC DMV provides
a multitude of services to District residents, and
two of the most important transactions are titling and
registering your used vehicle. This video tutorial is
one of four scenarios that will assist you in
successfully completing the process for
titling and registering a passenger vehicle. However, your situation
may be more complex and require additional
documents and/or fees. This is scenario number four. You don’t have your
out-of-state title, there is a lien on your vehicle,
and your out-of-state tags are valid. To title and register
your vehicle in DC, you must, step one, request the
title from your lien holder. Please note, since you don’t
have the title to your vehicle because there is
a lien on it, you must complete the Lienholder
Out of State Title Request Form. By doing so, you are
requesting for the title to be mailed to the DC DMV
service center of your choice. The Lienholder Out Of
State Title Request Form can be printed from the
agency’s website at dmv.dc.gov. Provide your lienholder
with a completed form. Step two. Obtain a vehicle inspection. DC DMV has one inspection
station at 1001 Half Street Southwest, where emissions
inspections for passenger vehicles are conducted. The inspection is
valid for two years. The inspection station accepts
customers on a first come, first served basis. Or you can schedule
an appointment online at dmv.dc.gov. Once your vehicle passes
the emissions inspection, you will be able to continue
the process to title and register your vehicle. No fees are due at the
time of the inspection. You will pay for
the inspection when you pay the fee for a one-
or two-year registration. Step three. Obtain a vehicle title
and registration. Using DC DMV’s Out of State
Title Request online tool, check to see if we have received
your title at the DC DMV service center that you selected
on the Lienholder Out of State Title Request Form. Once you confirm DC DMV
has received your vehicle title at the service
center you requested, you must visit that
DC DMV location to complete the process
of titling and registering your vehicle. Once you arrive at
the DC DMV service center where you had your title
sent, please let the employee know that your title has
been mailed to that location. You will provide the employee
with all of the following valid required
documentation to title and register your vehicle. A Certificate of Title
temporary registration and tag application, a valid DC driver
license or identification card, proof of valid DC insurance, a
valid out-of-state registration or lien contract, and
the lease contract if you are leasing the vehicle. You will pay for
the title excise tax if applicable, lien
recordation, vehicle inspection, registration for
one or two years, and residential parking
permit RPP, if applicable. After titling and
registering your vehicle, you will receive two hard
tags, a registration sticker for your windshield,
and a registration card for your wallet. The DC title will be
mailed to your lienholder within 10 business days. Please note, to complete the
registration transaction, all outstanding debt
to DC DMV must be paid. So if you have an unpaid
ticket, insurance lapse, boot and/or tow fees, they
must be paid for you to register your vehicle. However, just because
you title and register a vehicle does not mean
that you do not still have outstanding debt. When titling a
vehicle, excise tax must be paid whenever there
is a change in ownership to the vehicle. If you have purchased your
vehicle from a dealership, then typically the dealership
will handle the process of titling and
registering your vehicle in the District of Columbia. However, if you have
outstanding debt due to DC DMV, the dealership will not be able
to complete this transaction. Therefore, be sure to pay
all your outstanding debt to DC DMV. If you purchase a vehicle
that has a valid DC inspection sticker, the inspection is valid
until the existing expiration date, and there is no
reason to physically take the vehicle through inspection. Information about inspecting,
titling, and registering your vehicle in DC is
available on DC DMV’s website at dmv.dc.gov. If you have questions
about the process, you have several options
to contact DC DMV. Email us at [email protected] Tweet us. Our Twitter handle is @dcdmv. Send us a Facebook message
at facebook.com/dcdmv. Or call the citywide call
center at 311 or 202-737-4404. Please drive safely! [music playing]