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What’s up Chemical Guys family! Today we have a special treat for you.This
is Cody. He’s a cool guy with a cool car. We’re going to show you how to properly wash
your exotic car without adding any swirls or scratches and also enhance that gloss. So, Cody, why don’t you tell us about this
cool car. So, what we have here is the Lamborghini Huracan
Perfomante, otherwise known as “Purplemonte” because it’s pretty obvious. This car, I took delivery in October of 2017
and because it’s cold where we are and snowy, what better place to bring it out to than
the Chemical Guys Headquarters here to help me detail it. We’ve been driving it around in the canyons. This is the fastest car that Lamborghini currently
makes and it’s the second fastest car in the world to lap the Nurburgring. So it’s great to have you help me out to clean
this up because it’s been a mess. Absolutely. So, you’ve taken this out yesterday to the
canyons and got a little dirty, right? That’s exactly right. And it’s the fastest car… how fast have you had this up to? Um, well… pretty fast. Let’s just say that. The interesting thing in the canyons though
is you can’t really push it to its top speed. But the thing about this car is it literally
sticks to the ground and it rotates in ways that really blows your mind. Because I drive my cars, I don’t believe in
Garage Queens, you know, you got to enjoy it, so, it gets dirty and you want that paint to look
its best every time, so I’m here to have you guys give me some tips on how to keep it looking
as purple as it does. It’s an amazing color, very different color,
I love it. Very crazy. Even on a gloomy day like today, it still
has a very awesome vibe to it. Now, you’re saying that you take this to the
canyons. Does that effect on rock chips with you? Yeah, so the car is fully protected by PPF. This is XPEL Ultimate and I do this with all
my cars because, again, you want to try to protect this paint. Trying to correct the actual paint if you
get these rock chips in it, t’s a nightmare. It’s more than it’s worth. So, for me, I’ve protected the entire car. So all the exposed surfaces are covered with
that. And even with that, I know that that PPF requires
care as well and so I use the foam cannon at home. I use your products. I use two bucket solution as well. And it’s still a struggle, right, but I know
I am going to learn some things from you guys today. Let’s hope so. Alrighty Cody, so today we are going to using
our two bucket method with our foam cannon and our all new Watermelon Scent soap to product
tons of suds so we don’t scratch that finish and also enhance that shine. Let’s get started. So before we start the rinsing process, we’re
going to set up both our buckets. As usual, we have our two buckets: one for
our rinsing and one for our soap. And now we are going to place a Dirt Trap
in each one of our buckets which is going to filter out as much of the contamination
and abrasive particles of dirt, this way so we don’t scratch the wrap that’s on this vehicle. Now, I’ve placed them in at angle and this
reduces any air getting trapped in underneath the cones. So what it’s going to do is as you run your
wash mitt over that platform, it’s going to force the dirt under the platform, keeping
it off the vehicle. So, now we will add one once of our Watermelon
Scent to our wash bucket and it has this really nice watermelon scent and it will adds this
really nice glow to the bucket. We’ll also add the same amount of wash solution
to our foam cannon. It’s already been filled up with water. A detailing trick is to add warm water to
your foam cannon. This will help aerate the product as you’re
foaming. And now we will reattach the top and I’ve
said it before, but I will say it again: what you want to do is have it nice and snug, not
too tight cause you don’t want to strip it. And then work back and forth. Not shaking it up violently, but just gently
mixing the solution together. This way, it’s not creating foam and suds
inside the bottle, but rather, as you’re aerating. So with any detail, you want to start with
the dirtiest area, being the wheels. This car is pretty well maintained, so there’s
not a whole lot of brake dust or road debris, so we will go over that pretty quickly. What I’m going to do is rinse off the vehicle
starting with the top and working my way down. This is because on all vehicles, the flat
panels are what collect grime, dirt, anything that’s really abrasive and if we rinse from
sides and then work our way to the flat panels, we’re going to create more work ourselves
because that’s bringing dirt into areas we’ve already cleaned. So, we’re working from top to bottom and also
in straight lines we’re reducing the chances of scratching the vehicle as well as making
more work for ourselves. So, with that being said, we’ll get the pressure
washer out, start rinsing, then we can actually start foaming So, after using the Big Mouth Foam Cannon
and that Watermelon Scent Soap, you can see that it’s produced tons of suds that’s adding
lubrication, but more importantly, it’s going to enhance that shine while we wash. So, now, we’ve got our second bucket here
full of soap and foam and now we’re going to take our microfiber wash mitt, let’s grab
some of these thick suds. This is, again, going to help lubricate our
wash mitt, so in case we trap any abrasive particles, we’re not dragging them across
the surface and scratching the finish. And now we’ll start at the top and working
in long passes and linear motions, you can also roll the wash mitt so you are creating
anew fresh edge as you wipe. Periodically, we are going to go back to our
second bucket to wring out the abrasive particles or whatever else we picked up on the surface
because although this car is brand new and well maintained, there’s always going to be
some type of dirt or debris on there that can actually scratch the paint. So now that’s why we’re going to come back
to our second bucket. I’ll press all the way to the bottom against
that Dirt Trap and what this is doing is it’s forcing any of that contamination on the wash
mitt underneath those cones, that way we keep them off the vehicle. In order to keep this bucket as clean as possible,
and further reduce the chances of abrasive particles of dirt returning to the car, we
are going to take it outside, wring it on on the ground. And now that we’ve got most of the old water
off, we are going to grab some more soap and we can keep on washing. So now that we’ve rinsed off all the spent
soap and debris, we’re going to dry it because although it’s not very hot outside, it’s actually
pretty gloomy, water can still spot and dry and that can etch the paint. So we are going to use our Elegant Edgeless
Towel which is going to prevent any kind of swirls or scratches because there is no edge
and it picks up a lot of water nice and easily and it’s also a very large towel. So there’s a few different ways you can dry
a vehicle. You can pat it dry, where you just simply
place the towel on the vehicle, and this traps the water. This is a way to ensure you don’t swirl the
vehicle because the towel isn’t moving . And you can see it’s got a perfectly dry finish. Or we can also do our traditional style where
you fold it up into four and then we gently place on the vehicle working in straight lines
and we can also roll the towel and that picks up a lot of water for a scratch-free shine. So, if you guys liked this car, be sure to
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