Crowdcar – an open modular electric vehicle platform

Hi, I am Jürgen from Crowdcar. Crowdcar is a network of people,
working together on solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. We have already created a functional, street legal electric vehicle, which we are using for testing and improving our ideas. All the traffic jams, the petrol powered vehicles, the air pollution the wasting of resources, can not be the future!
So let us change it! We want to accelerate the development
of new mobility concepts and for that, we will create an open platform,
those solutions and vehicles can be based on. Open means, everyone is invited to participate, open means, the interfaces of the platform are
well documented and publicly available open means, we are manufacturer independent
and the modules are sustainable and interchangeable, and open means, you can join us, on our journey, because we will show all steps we do,
our fails and our wins, to you. As a first outcome, we want to develop
an electric vehicle based on our platform which you will be able to buy
as a turn key ready car, or as a construction kit, or you use just some modules for your own projects. The platform will consist of hardware,
software and of course, you guys, the community! We will provide you with the necessary know how,
to become a part of Crowdcar. You can join us online or offline, watch our tutorials,
or even do a Crowdcar certification, if you like. We are nerds, so all of what we do here at Crowdcar
should also deliver some fun. We will introduce a gamification system into the community, so you will be able to earn reputation and achievements
in the “World of Crowdcar” with your contributions and your support. The prototype we want to build does not necessarily
have to look like the car we have already built, we want to do the whole specification and
development process together, with you! Right now, we are asking you to help us
create the basic platform and interfaces, join our community, and then
we create a prototype out of that platform together! (music) You can make that possible, share our idea,
support us on kickstarter now! (music) THE END